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  1. So i was listening to the new BloodHound Gang cd, and the first track is a spoken word track. all is it is this : "Eminem has to cuss in his records to sell them, so do i so f**k Will Smith." "That doesnt rhyme!" "OH S**t" Its funny, but its been a while, and tottaly random. just felt like posting it up.
  2. best one to carlton: "i'm sorry, i don't speak pigme!"
  3. very nice quote. Six Degrees of Seperation. "you'll be suprised how a pair of edible panties could make a guy feel sexy!"
  4. i got one, they have a special going in best buy, (im not sure where you live) they sell it for like $10.
  5. wasnt he hangin with will for a while till he re-made the "parents just dont understand" song? what a little a punk-ass!!!!
  6. most likely bad boys 2. when their at joe pantaliano's house... (sorry about the name spelling!) "oh well thats true!"
  7. mad respects to you for doing this...
  8. depends on what **** is. is it f**k or S**t or what?
  9. i know we probebly talked about this before, but its been a while so i wanted to bring it up again. UNCLE PHIL IS SHREDDER! from teenage mutant ninja turtle. he is also War Machine from Iron Man. he is so cool! he has done so many voiced for tv shows. pretty cool...
  10. ALi just for corrections the "my s**t always works somtimes" is bad boys. okay here is a new one "he wasnt snarling, he was just sneezing"
  11. you guys... you guys... i never noticed this, but in season two episode 8 called "she aint havey" there is a simple yet intresting mistake. about 10 minutes into the episode, will and queen latifa are sitting and talking. next to queen latifa there is a jar of long green things, full to the top, and it has a white label going from a little on the side of the jar to the top all the way to the other side. and when will goes to call the girl, there is a close up of Queen Latifa and the jar is tottaly diffrent. its now got mushy green things and its only 1/5 full. i never noticed untill i saw it again on the DVD of season 2. just seemed intresting. im sure there are so many of these little mistakes, so if you any more post it here....
  12. if you say you thought it was boring, then you did not get it! i love this movie, it so intelectual. (bad spelling i know)
  13. we have all been stumped once more... is it bad boys(2)?
  14. most defenatly getting it day it comes out!
  15. funny irony: this guy gave good reviews to the people will talks about in the song. the ones who write mindless rap. if you look up more reviews from him youll see!
  16. dambass! freakin people cant admit they like will smith.
  17. Holy crap that was the coolest! it had everything from cool effects to showing the divercity of his fans. god i hope it gets played allot!
  18. i'm sure he doesnt feel like a one consideting on his Born to Reign album he had the song for his mother which said he now knows why his mom was saying what she was saying. and now how his running the lines she ran on him, on his kids!!! sorry if this makes little to no sence
  19. Will Smith: Father, Rapper, Actor, Produ____ well we dont have time to write all of it down. VOT WILL. WILL AND JEFF 20** or vote for will, or next time he will let the robots and aliens take over, and he will not find you a women to love!!! WILL AND JEFF 20** or Will a new way of presidentcy...
  20. "Uncle magic... hold me."
  21. "i know we been togather for along time but still... LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!!!"
  22. michael bay (agian) ridley scott bryan singer christopher nolan robert rodrigues and much much more
  23. first you pop in the DvD and see the trailers for Bewitched, Zathura, and Stealth. Then comes the accual menue. The menue screen is devided. A picture of Will Smith, the tittle Hitch and clips from the movie. its very interactive and they have 3 or 4 screens that change. five choices available: Play Movie, Language, Scene Selection, Special Features, and Previews. The language menue is accually quiet cool, but not interactive. There is a picture of Eva Mendes on the walky talky against a white backround, and next to her is a a still shot of the movie with Will on the walky talky. Choices are english and french. subtittles also have the same choices. Special Features screen is again interactive. Hitch is leaning on a screen witch is playing scenes from the movie. First thing available is the Gag Reel. Mess ups, calling people by their accual names (will smith did that), Kevin James and Will Smith messing up lines, but trying to fix it on the spot, Eva Mandes not being abel to drink, Will forgetting lines but covering himself beautifully, then everyone cusing for a while (censored). IT IS HILARIOUS. Deleted scenes: There are 3 deleted scenes: "hitch sees cressida" which has director intro. "I could use a bathroom" and "Film opeinig with george Fenton Score" which has a commentary intro. they are tottaly worth seeing because they are great. Then there is the Featuretts: "Dance steps made easy" "Love in New York" "Hitch Style" "Dating expert" & "Will Smith's red carpet race." And then there are the previews which are the same in the main menue as the special features menue. previews for "Bewitched" "Zanthura" "Stealth" "Man of the House" "Guess Who" "XXX state of union" "Boogy man" "DEBS" "Rescue me" "Siienfeld" "Creature comforts complete first season" and "Stripes" DvD is overall really cool, and tottaly worth getting.
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