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  1. During a conversation about Geoffrey a while ago, my father mentioned that he was gay and there were hints to him being homosexual sprinkled about the series. I, of cousre, said he wasn't, but even so...I've been thinking about it ever since. And...I more I think about it, the more I get confused...There was that episode when the family went away and left Geoffrey alone and he threw a party, where he invited a woman into his robe, but when Will try hooking him up, he does ask "I'm not making to much of an assumption am I?", that being the only time someone in the series was questioned about sexuality. Also during the credit of the episode where Viv and Phil go to the hotel and Geoffrey is in the room they wanted it showed that the other person in the room was clearly a guy. But other than that, there really was no other signs of attraction that Geoffrey showed towards either sex, so do you think it's possible that he's really a closeted homosexual (or maybe bisexual)?
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