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  1. this is the first i heard about this... Will Smith Is 'The Mark' In Sci-Fi Movie [Wednesday, March 24th, 2004] Will Smith is to star in the sci-fi action movie The Mark which has been in development for a long time, according to Variety. Smith will star as an everyman who discovers a strange mark has transferred to his body from the corpse of a Confederate soldier. Although the mark grants him special powers, he also struggles with the impulse to use it for evil purposes. Smith is going to making the movie through his production company and Nickelodeon Movies, who are to develop it later into a TV series. [url="http://www.killermovies.com/m/themark/articles/3807.html"]the mark...[/url] click for more info.
  2. Hey you guys, tonight at 7:30 pacific satndard time or when ever it comes on at your house-hold, dont forget... on Access Hollywood they have a special on "hitch"
  3. Phil Hartman was in "Small Soldiers" with Tommy Lee Jones who was in "Men In Blck (2)" with Will Smith. Will to Annette Bening
  4. kyle maclachlan was in "Me With out you" with Anna Friel who was in "Timeline" with Paul Walker who was in "Life Makes sense if You're Famous" which was directed by Erik MacArthur who directed "We Were Soldiers" with Mel Gibson who was in (i hate doing this, using the same movies... but i cant think of anyother way right now.) "Signs" wich was directed by M. Night Shamalan who directed "Unbrakable" with Samule L. Jackson who was in "Changing Lanes" with Ben Afflack who was in "Armegaddon" wich was directed by Michael Bay who directed "Bad Boys (2)" Will to Matt LeBlanc
  5. not too bad, considering your giving me adead guy to work with... rock hudson was in "the Vegas Strip War" with Sharon Stone who was in "Sphere" with Dustin Hoffman who was in "Runaway Jury" with Gene Hackman who was in "Enemy of the State" with Will Smith. Will to Gena Rowlands
  6. i hate to use the same movie titles to answer more than one, but... Adrien Brody was in "the village" which was directed by M. Night Shamalan who directed "unbrakable" with Samul L. Jackson who was in "Changing Lanes" with Ben Affleck who was in "Armagaddon" directed by Michael Bay who directed "Bad Boys (2)" with Will Smith. ps. ill try to use diffrent movies next time. as you can tell i myself did not enjoy doing this!!! Will to Michael J Fox.
  7. [quote]and the time lag was way too much[/quote] the thing is about that... all michael bay films are over 2 hours. "Bad Boys" was his first which was excatly 2 hours and "the rock" "armagaddon" "Pearl Harbor" "Bad Boys 2" were all longer than 2 hours. I know if will smith or michael bay or jerry brickhimer or anyone at columbia saw this forum they would make Bad Boys 3.
  8. [quote]um...who the hell you callin' dude? Might I remind you that I"M A GIRL! We've been over this before  and I was just sayin' that because everybody started to voice their opinion, didn't mean that it was turning into a bad thing...trust me I know what a forum is for DUDE[/quote] Um.. sorry? we havnt been over this! didnt mean to get you all pissed off! but as long as we at it, :ali: bring it on girl, i aint scared of you... (jk do not take me seriously right now.) Stop being pissed off, honost mistake.
  9. [quote]alien... mel gibson wasn't on "the village". i'm 100% sure... [/quote] Oops, yea my bad... i meant "signs" Gwyneth Paltrow was in "Shallow Hal" with Jack Black who was in "Enemy of the state" with Will Smith. we need something hard. im thinking... Will Smith to Russell Crowe, i doubt that its that hard, but remember, acting credits and directing credits only, if an actor is in a movie uncredited it wont count, tv shows count as long as the actor is not guest starring, and is a regular on the show. (i just thought as long as i started the game i might as well clearify the rules.)
  10. Mel Gibson was in "the Village" directed by M. Night Shamalan, who directed "Unbrakable" with Samule L. Jackson who was in "Changing Lanes" with Ben Affleck who was in "Armagaddon" directed by Michael Bay who directed "Bad Boys (2)" with Will Smith. Will Smith to Paul W.S. Anderson
  11. [quote]Willow is a player is wack as hell man..FP just can't sing[/quote]FP JUST CAN'T SING? your taking this too far. Will should keep doing things with family, just the right amount. i liked his dad on the cd. [quote]everybody just started to voice their opinions [/quote] C'mon dude, thats what a forum is for...
  12. okay becouse i originally forgot to put one up here: matthew broderick was in "inspector gadget" with Andy Dick who was in "Dr. Dolittle 2" with Eddie Murphy who was in "Life" with Martin Lawrence who was in "Bad Boys (2)" with Will Smith. for some reason that was hard for me to do. that took me a while to think up. Will Smith to Eugene Jarecki.
  13. Here it is in my POV: Michael Bay is one of the best directors out there, despite what people say. Bad Boys, The Rock, Armegaddon, and Bad Boys 2 were the coolest movies ever. Pearle Harbor was going to be all about BOOMs, but the studio made him take another approch. the Island is coming out and its the first time his going to be making a movie with out jerry brickhimer, but if brickhimer is smart, he will produce Bad Boys 3, and Michael Bay should also produce it. with their moneys put togather, the studio wouldn't need to put out any money. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were so awsome in the bad boys movies, and everyone loves it. who ever i have asked says they love both of them, so the only people that didn't like it were the critics. nobody here KNOWS me, but i have always said "F**K critics," couse half the time they are knobjockeys who dont understand the movie and give it a bad review, so the studio sees that and despite the advance screening greatness of a movie they think it isnt good. thus: Bad Boys 3 would be a great idea, but they have to wait and get a great story line with good writers, im willing to wait for it even if it takes another 7 years. In an interview Will Smith said he would love to do Bad Boys 3, if the right story is there.
  14. Almost forgot to post this... Will to Eugene Jarecki. (Hint: use him as a director.)
  15. not too hard... Morgan Freeman was in "Sum of all Fears" with Ben Affleck who was in "Armagaddon" directed by Michael Bay who directed Bad Boys(2) with Will Smith.
  16. PS to AJ, director481 is my aim sn, we should talk, ill send you the money first..
  17. Some one tell AJ that i will love him (in a non-homosexual manner) more than anyone if he is willing to make a deal with me for a few JJFP imports.
  18. Devils Jim, really? your a hater? i know... im kidding too. no the song 1000 kisses is good, the one thing i didn't like was his kids on his cds. like at the end of the rain, which is a great song, the kids just mess around and try to sing it, it doesnt sound that good. dont get me wronge, i like the song, just the end... anyways, in my opinion: he should do things with his family, but only once in a short while. kinda like his doing. like it or not, his a family man.
  19. Okay so here is the deal. i have all the JJFP cds, and i have all the Will Smith cds. the only ones i don't have are the imports from other contries. so if you have, or know how i can get the import cd that was never released in US, please, please tell me. i want the cd with the songs that are next to impossible to get including: "Dance or Die" if you help me out i will be forever grateful.
  20. 3? crap... i cant do it in 3, but here is a very close one... Robert Englund was in "Urban Legend" with Alicia Witt who was in "Vanilla Sky" with Tom Cruise who was in "Collateral" which makes us split into 2, it also starred Jamie Foxx who was in "Ali" and it was directed by Michael Mann who directed "Ali" starring Will Smith. so i couldn't do it in 3, but 4 is not that bad! Will Smith to Zack Braff.
  21. i love born to reign. anyways, um... Tim do you know anything new about the switch? like when its suppose to come out? your not holding out on us are you? couse the accual site hasnt had too much new stuff... just woundering.
  22. you ready for this? alfred Hitchcock directed "Family Plot" starring Karen Black who was in "House of a thousand courpses" with sid haig, who was in "Kill Bill vol.2" with Uma Thurman who was in "paycheck" with ben affleck who was in Armeggadon directed by michael bay, who directed bad boys and bad baoys 2... BAM. now... Will Smith and Matt Stone. (remember: you cant use the fact that they made fun of will smith in southpark as a connection.)
  23. nah, i doubt that anyone here truley HATES them... i mean, i am a huge will smith fan, HUGE, i have all the JJFP+Will Smith cds, that doesn't mean i hate eminem, i have a couple of his cds...
  24. i love the belt buckles, i want one... yea, Will Smith Jazzy Jeff and LL Cool J on a track would be pretty sweet. the VMAs sucked by the way, the best part was how Will Smith got everyone hype at the very begening. i watched the rest couse i thought "they have to mention something on the new Will Smith CD" damn...
  25. when will smith and martin lawrence did the bad boys 2 bid, it was funny and it wasn't a thing they did in a hurry. LL cool J just did it really quickly last minut. on the red carpet it was fine and all, but im talking about when he introduced.
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