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  1. i want to appolagize in advance to all the big LL cool J fans, his a cool guy but... Okay the best thing about the VMAs was the way it was prooven that Will Smith is so much cooler than LL Cool J. When Will Smith advertizes his upcoming deals, he does it short and sweet, and he does it at apropriate times, did you see what ll cool j did? i mean, at the red carpet it was all good, but while announcing alicia keys he permoted his new cd? he should have better timing...
  2. HOW IS IT THAT THE WHOLE VMA'S GO BY AND THERE IS NO TALK OF THE WILL SMITH CD, OR SINGLE? They mentioned the movie shark tale, by the way: in the comercial they didn't mention will smith was going to be on the cd..., they never brought up "switch" this is unfair. i wanna know more about it, and i wanna hear it. lets face it will smith's arrival was the best part of the whole VMAs. this show is getting crappier each year, they coulda saved it by a suprize performence from Will Smith... but no, they didn't even mention he was going to have a cd out. THAT IS JUST WRONG!!!
  3. Okay this is like Link the stars with a few new rules. You can connect these actors using ACTORS and DIRECTORS only. No producers, writers ect. Try to connect these stars togather, and the first one to get it will name 2 other celebraties to be connected. (connect them by using movies they been in and their directors) Connect: Will Smith To: Antono Banderez And GO
  4. No no no no, will's perfect movie buddy would be Eddie Murphy, will listened to him and admired him when growing up so there you go, other than that... LL cool J would try and upstage Will smith (no offense to LLcoolJ fans,) Denzle Washington would do Will Smith wounders and i would love to see a film where the main character is Will Smith and right after him is Guy Pearce. Chris Tucker would be good. Will Smith and Chris Rock had good chemistry in the show... (when chris rock guest starred) And i want to see the movie he was suppose to do: Will Smith and Nicholas Cage in "I know pernounce you chuck and larry" story of 2 straight firefighters who get married to each other so if they died their kids would get their benefits. COMEDY
  5. And badboys GO SEE "SIX DEGREES OF SEPERATION" i have it and love it. most people just dont get it...
  6. Here is the deal you guys. Matrix with will smith would have been a hit. chances are they wouldnt have done a sequal for it, leaving it as only matrix. Bad Boys 2 was a very Bad ASS movie, i loved it and anyone i talk to liked it. the only people who didn't like it were critics, which, half the time, they don't know what they are talking about. W3 had to be done. will worked with barry sonnenfeld on MIB and it was a success, will just trusted the guy. Every movie his been in from Where the day takes you to I-robot has done him great. and to those who still havnt seen all the will smith movies, specially mfuqua (could he be antonio fuqua's brother?)... ... HURRY UP, whats the hold up? watch watch watch.
  7. someone should tell katzenberg about the site, he should be here with us talking about will smith...
  8. Holy crap, who the hell is this guy? First of all his first major movie is a sequal to a fairly bad movie, and heshould know that if your coming into the world of celebraties, it is not smart to dis people who have huge fans, such as Will Smith. he had no right to dis orlando bloom neighter, this guy is excatly what im talking about when i say most people are ignorant. this guy is acting like a stupid amature dude, Will Smith not a real man? some one outta woop his ass...
  9. I been waiting a long time to find a group of people who figured out what me and my friends have figured out along time ago. TEENAGERS ARE STUPID. now that i read these post i realize that most of you have figured this out. people jump the bandwagon and do what they are told, somw one says they don't like a band, other say it just so they dont fall out of the group. well i say F. that. i like will smith and jazzy jeff and have stuck by their names (couse i havnt met them...) whever anyone bad-mouths them.
  10. You guys know what would be cool... ...i'll tell you anyways, if michael bay directs will smiths next video. couse the director for switch is a good music vidoe director, and michael bay is a great director, that would be 2 hit music videos back to back real soon. By the way, where can i find the music video for Freakin' it. i been trying to find it... HELP ME!!!
  11. I don't know if someone already posted this, but the first last kiss has officially changed its name. The new name of this movie is: Hitched. it is going to be directed by Andy Tennant (sweet home alabama) and its most likely a romantic comedy. in this movie Will Smith is playing Alex "Hitch" Hitchens. Plot Outline: A professional matchmaker's program is threatened by a female journalist who enrolls as a student and plans on publishing an exposé on his fradulent methods. ITs being filmed. Do not forget after this will smith is doing a "untitled" Chris Gardner project based on Chris Gardner's Life. Most likely a drama... {everyone is waiting for a will smith drama.} for more info: [url="http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000226/"]click here[/url]
  12. "Like LL said, don't call it a come back. and face the fact jack, im all that." Will Smith's music might not have been on the radio as much or on mtv everyday, but then again, Mtv barely plays music now, its all reality shows with them. This new album is going to go gold, garanteed. he had fans wait for so long, that now they are dying to hear the songs on it. i know i cant wait, i cant wait to be able to buy the cd, have it in my hand and say, "oh, hail yea." :switch: and then go up to a friend and say "i got the cd and you dont, i got the cd and you dont" :nana: PS: when it does come out, do everyone a favor and buy the real thing. don't get a crappy burned version...
  13. alrighty then. i have waited so long now, its has to be said. Mtv needs to know that JJFP have more loyal fans than any person performing at the VMA's, a few years back when Will Smith started the show with Freakin' it, people loved it. on new years eve when Will Smith performed for President Clinton, people loved it. Hell, whenever Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff have performed people have loved it. if mtv executives are smart, they will have a huge suprise for everyone and have the VMA's where the song Switch comes out. lets face it, the VMA's are loosing touch. they are not as good as they used to be. im only watching it for the Will Smith part and i know im not the only one who feels like this... By they way, i love this site, i recently started posting and "hi how are you?"
  14. hey Jonny 5 i read that, but the thing is, Mad Tv is already out. they put one mad tv DVD out, but they havn't done too much for fresh prince...
  15. I need your help you guys, i seen all the sweet banners. i would love to start posting them in places. i just don know how. so who ever can tell me, please do. Ps: I wanna start making flyers for the new cd. so send me whatever pics you can, ill make a collage, and ill send it to you and we can all post flayers. online and on the streets, schools, and show people WILL SMITH IS BACK. :grouphug: we want everyone to be :dance: by the time the cd comes out.
  16. it just doesn't make sence. its not right for a great show thats on for 2.5 hours a day after ending 8 years ago. the show came out about the same time as friends, now friends has over 22 dvds out. WE WANT THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR on DVD. i think other than Wb, we need to go to NBC, they were the ones who aired it.
  17. So many people i have talk to want him to do dramas. i agree, although i think his great in what ever he does. his upcoming project the Untitled chris gardner project, is a drama kind of movie. its based on a true story, so he will get a chance for an oscar. speaking of oscars, i have no problem with Johnny Depp, but he shouldn't have been nominated for Pirates. he has done so much better acting in other movies. Pirates is good, but overrated. not an oscar kinda film. so if that can be nominated, will deserves to WIN. and how... :thanks:
  18. I can tell you why D12 is on the sound track, becouse Eminem is a secret fan of Will Smith. just look at the sound track of Wild Wild West. Eminem went on it and didn't say anything bad, no f word, no s words, nothing. And the dumb-@$$e$ at dreamwork should know that they would sell sooooo much more cd's if they put Will Smiths songs as part of the advertisment, and it would sell even more if Will Smith's song was the first song on the track.
  19. ba-bad, i cant wait. i was hoping it would come out in aug. i have all will smith and jazzy jeff f resh prince cds, i cant wait to get this one. you know what would be cool... ... ill tell you anyways. if he goes back with jazzy jeff for all the songs. have him still as the only dj. kinda like a "Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince back up in your face." anyways i cant wait for it to come out.
  20. [FONT=Arial][SIZE=7] Okay you guys, this is my first time writing here, i wanna get to the audio soon, i love the site by the way. i had a quastion for Tim, does Will Smith or Jeff Town know about the site?
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