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  1. Fantastic interview. Damn now I wanna here his verse from Clique. Put it out Will!
  2. Nice find Gosia. Heres the interview, not really any new info. http://www.ryanseacrest.com/2015/10/08/will-smith-on-working-with-bomba-estereo-on-fiesta-remix-they-re-inspired-me
  3. Will has just posted an 11 second clip of the video and the date 16th October, looks like we could be getting the video pretty soon.
  4. Remember though Will and Jeff were supposed to sit down together at the beginning of the year and make music, it is the plan, its just probably once again finding time were they are both free to do it. I think the album will be a bit like Lost and Found, Jeff is on a bit, but not much. Sounds like Will has a lot still to do to get this album finished, plenty of time to let Jeff finish his tour and find time to work with him. Beggers can't be choosers, ive been waiting 10 years for this, i'm not about to complain about anything haha.
  5. Just bought tickets to see her live next year. This has been a good week for me and music.
  6. I went for the tour. I know it will only last a few hours and I can listen to a new album forever, but this has never happened before. I have plenty of albums but I've never seen Will live, it's my dream. But hey we get both so I don't really need to choose haha.
  7. Totally. Just take my money, take all of it, I'm in 100%. Ive been properly thinking about this tour and it's really crazy. This is Wills first proper tour ever, and he's 47. Just a few years ago we thought he was totally done with music (apart from AJ, he never gave up hope haha). I was just pleading for one song, anything. But a full tour for the first time ever, one of the biggest movie stars ever is touring. I still can't believe it, we are so so lucky. 2016 could be the biggest year ever for us JJFP fans. I would say we've been patient these last 10 years but we haven't really haha, but this is so worth the wait.
  8. Me, Kev and Brakes have pretty much decided to get to all UK dates if he does more than just London. If for any reason they don't come here, we are going to them. It will be great if we all get to the same show. Going to something with someone just as passionate as you makes it so much more fun.
  9. There's a little label on this post saying "hot" that's never happened before haha. Tim is gonna wake up and freak out. I knew Will was gonna drop a bomb on us but this is nuclear.
  10. It's like he read this forum and thought right they want an album, a tour and bad boys 3. Ok I'll do that. Trying not to completely freak out in case it doesn't happen, but it's hard. I feel like a one direction fan, you shouldn't get this excited over a tour at the age of 31 haha.
  11. Then bad boys 3. All our dreams are coming true. OMG this is better than i could of ever expected.
  12. He's in the studio every day, he's recorded about 30 songs and has about 7 he likes.
  13. They are playing his track now on beats 1. Not sure if Zane is mixing it, but it has a lot more scratching at the end of this version.
  14. I'm listening, i hope Will is on soon, this music is terrible.
  15. I think it's 5pm UK time tomorrow. JJFP fans may need to pull a sickie.
  16. Imagine if next year he won an Oscar for concussion and dropped an album. I'm getting ahead of myself now but it could happen. That would be a major comeback for his career. Cant wait for this interview, he picked to do it on my week off work so I'm gonna listen in live.
  17. The odd swear word doesn't bother me at all. I hate it when tracks are littered with it and it gets edited out for radio, it ruins the flow of the song, but this will sound fine. I think if this is the only swear he does its fine, I just hope he doesn't start adding them in every track. He's just talked about being a clean rapper SO much, he's going back on what he's been saying since 1986.
  18. I totally agree with you guys, it's all an experiment. The music industry has changed so much in 10 years, he's trying to see where he fits in. It seems like most people like Will but not the track. And yeah if it doesn't chart well, it's hard to class it as a flop since he's done a verse on remix of an artist most of us have never heard of.
  19. Yeah a little bit of swearing really doesn't bother me, but I'm not sure what I think since he's always made a big deal about not doing it. I'd like to hear what he has to say about it. Ive been reading people's comments on Facebook and they are mixed, some people like it, some don't. I feel like it's not really his track. He only really did a 40 second verse, I think like AJ said. It's a bit like when he did "got to be real". The proper stuff is coming.
  20. Yeah I definitely think this track is just the tip of the ice burg. Something is about to go down. Also Will has just changed his Facebook profile and background pics to more of a "rap" kinda theme. The background pic looks like it's from a new photo shoot. Wills been busy since suicide squad wrapped. Just waiting for this music video now.
  21. Do you remember switch whores, but it's fiesta whores instead haha. Only joking guys, welcome back. We may see some more old faces with this new music.
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