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  1. I thought they had 4 shows booked, or have they done those shows at Vegas etc. Yeah I'm generally more frustrated when they do shows and I'm not there.
  2. Hahaha this is better than MIB, it turns into a really funny freestyle. Can't remember the last time I heard Will do a real freestyle. It's normally Willywood.
  3. I've pre-ordered it. I'll hopefully get chance to read it over the summer, don't get a lot of time to read. Good luck with it all Tim.
  4. Struggling to remember what's happened in 10 years. i qualified as a veterinary nurse and I'm still working as one now. I moved from an awful practise to another one which is much better. I work with amazing people and my skills are used much more. Joined a gym 7 years ago and as the years have passed by its become a huge part of my life. It's a great social circle and I'm now in the best shape of my life. Ran the great north run last year which is a half marathon. Got my dog 4 years ago, he's now my best mate. Had a big health scare in 2011, it's still there but luckily not really an issue and I've become a stronger person coming out the other side of it. Met Jeff a fair few times, I've lost count! Saw Will briefly twice at film premiers. Had a few relationships but my love life is currently DOA. Fingers crossed I'm a few weeks away from signing contracts and buying my first home. Travelled to California, New York and Las Vegas. This October I'm going to Florida.
  5. Is this in Vegas too? Damn he's on a mission this week. Btw I love that get lucky song but I don't like it when they mix it with jiggy, feels like it doesn't quite work to me. I guess he's trying something different, he's been doing that song 20 years haha.
  6. I like to take a few pics and few videos at a show but those camera phones were ridiculous. Anyway great to see but it kills me a little bit every time that I'm not there. Someone wrote on Jeffs Facebook saying do a tour and Jeff replied "I'm workin on him man".
  7. Haha all 3 kids put their head in their hands when Will talked about making them. And I thought my dad was embarrassing.
  8. Martin looks like he's smelled a fart in that picture. I recognise the Will picture but I can't place where it's from.
  9. Johnny Depp, Jim Carey and Ben Stiller have won it in the past and they still have careers. He should be fine lol.
  10. Yeah it didn't make top 200 in the iTunes chart in the UK. The news of the song seemed to blow up but the actual song didn't. i guess that's why Will didn't really class it as a proper single, it was a low risk experiment.
  11. I think it has a good chance to be the biggest movie of the year. The buzz around it every time the release a trailer is fantastic. A big hit movie for Will couldn't of come at a better time.
  12. Thanks Nicole, don't think I can make a Jeff show this time. I need to save any money I have for the JJFP show.
  13. This should be pretty fun. So much more interesting than the oscars anyway.
  14. I thought you were trolling us at first, the few few pictures I can see are of David Cameron.
  15. Yeah this is weird, not sure how it works. It's like guaranteeing yourself for a straight to tv movie.
  16. I'd kind of accepted no more music a few years ago. If he wasn't going to do it, I wish he wouldn't of said anything. I thought it was 100% going to happen, now it's back to wishing and hoping.
  17. I think he did the right thing, if he would of made a comment it would be all over the papers again and he'll probably get misquoted. This thing needs to die down now.
  18. I like the sound of this one, geeky fantasy stuff is so my thing. But yeah, don't know how he's gonna fit all these plans in. He will have to skip sleep.
  19. To be honest I expected it to be worse than that. I'm just glad the oscars is over and they will shut up about it. I think it has hurt Will's career, most people don't agree with him and Jada. Let's just hope they make some kind of change to the oscars so at least Will and Jada can say they at least achieved something out of this mess. But yeah im not gonna watch this years oscars, looked crap haha.
  20. I wonder how much he got paid for that story. And you go from skinny to massive by eating protein and lifting weights, not everyone uses steroids to achieve something.
  21. OMG confirmed dates, Will you cannot back out now. Hopefully out of those we will be able to get to at least on of them.
  22. It makes me laugh when they play Apache in the club. Half the crowd does the fresh prince dance, the other half doesn't know what the heck is going on.
  23. Every now and then you hear boom on the radio or in a club, does that not happen in the USA? It's a rap classic here haha.
  24. Haha I said boom them realised he wasn't solo then. I think it was number 1 her though.
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