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  1. Jeff just posted this on his Facebook saying thanks to the JJFP fan club for posting this. Well found Ale ha.
  2. That looks cool, definitely gonna check that out.
  3. Yeah I wish they would announce soon, I'm feeling anxious my workmates are booking the whole summer off. My passport is out of date so I'm renewing it just in case haha.
  4. Part of me gets it, yeah people should wear what they want, if women can wear pants, then men can wear skirts. But sometimes I think Jaden is becoming a bit like a Kardasian, it's like he's doing things to get in the news and get people's attention. He's better and smarter than that. He shouldn't become that kid that everyone thinks is weird. He should be the talented, smart kid. I just hope this is a bit of a phase, he's not going to change the world by wearing a dress.
  5. This is awesome, I'm trying to decide if I like it better than the original. This totally counts as a JJFP track.
  6. I never really expected this movie to do well. If Will gets some awards/nominations I think it will be worth it and I think that's what he was aiming for. Kev is right, it's all about next year for Will, I've heard so much buzz about suicide squad, I have no doubt it's going to be a huge box office hit. It's not really a "Will film" but it will ease him back in there and remind people how much they used to love him.
  7. I was just thinking today that there's no way concussion is going to be number 1. At least Will knows it. I didn't realise just how close the release dates were. Who's idea was that.
  8. Facebook comment sections about Will are the worst. You can guarantee no matter what subject it is people wanna say he's mad because he's a scientologist or say bad things about his kids. I imagine most of the information these people get is from gossip sites. I think I'm kinda with Will with his dicision, I think most of us here thought ID4 2 was a bad idea.
  9. The trailer looks pretty good but other amazing. I'm not gutted he's not in it though. Mild spoiler below i am am gutted however to find out how they wrote Will's character out of it. It's not a big spoiler because I read it in an article but they killedSteven Hiller off, he died in 2007 apparently. I feel like when a character dies in game of thrones, you get attached to them. RIP Steven. :(
  10. Woohoo! 2016 is going to be a good year for Will.
  11. Ive never been to a festival in my life because generally i don't like the music haha. I'd pay £200 for a ticket, its cheaper than getting to the USA right. Stupid question, at festivals do artists play long sets, like a few hours. Haha i have no interest in festivals so i have no idea. Its still rather a show which was just them but i'll take this.
  12. My aim for tomorrow's is to get my outfit to be classy splat-ow.
  13. Fantastic. The singer wasn't great but other than that brilliant. Will had so much energy, all that time off hasn't changed him.
  14. Yeah it was big news Will is back but the song did nothing. I kept an eye on the iTunes chart and it didn't make top 150. Im looking forward to seeing what these surprises are he's got in store. Whether anyone else cares I'm not bothered, I'm happy to see this.
  15. The news is full of talk of terrorist attacks, refugees and innocent victims and the daily mail want to write about a 17 year old balancing on a pole. I like the read lighthearted celeb news but ffs, how is this news.
  16. Michael Jackson was only number 8 and Janet was ranked above him. I love Janet but she's not better than her brother, the list is weird, I didn't pay too much attention to it.
  17. Sorry to bring up music in a movie topic but the last 10 seconds of that last video he says there's gonna end some surprises at the Latin Grammys.
  18. This has made my day. It's a great idea, people love to reminisce. I'm thinking like a fpoba vibe to it. This is also great news because they are talking about the show and putting it all together. It's really happening!
  19. I think it all depends in how much faith the organisers have in them. They put 10 shows on for MJ at the O2 and had to extend to 50 because of the demand. I'd love to see them at the O2 because the atmosphere would be awesome and it would be a high budget show. I also love small venues because they are more intimate and you can get up close. Its a win win situation, as long as they are somewhere in Europe I'm good.
  20. I'm eager to hear what kinda of venues they are gonna play, can they fill the big stadiums like the O2 or are they gonna go for slightly smaller ones. I don't mind either way as long as I get those tickets.
  21. He's very into the Latin style at the moment, I'm sure we'll see a lot of it on the new album.
  22. Interesting. Lewis has been dabbling in music recently, it's a long shot but I wonder if they have discussed anything. Will keeps saying he's looking for artists to inspire him.
  23. You guys are hilarious. I would laugh so hard if any of you are right.
  24. Awesome! Not a lot going on apart from dancing but what do we expect. Love that Will is walking out that corridor with his hoodie up, great way to pop back up after 10 years.
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