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  1. haha i noticed that too, he must get it all the time, he was like ignoring them.
  2. Woah, is this real? What is with all these sex scandels these days. I won't take it as gospel but it also wouldnt surprise me if this was true. Its hard to shock me these days haha.
  3. Cool, something to look forward to. Thats a longtime for a website to be going, we've got years on facebook haha.
  4. So sorry to hear all that Tim, when it rains it pours. I know how long you've been waiting for Jeff to go to Australia too, he'll be back, he always is.
  5. Interesting that he will play a villain. I'm not really into superhero movies but i know a lot of people are. It will probably be a big hit, hopefully people will like Will as a bad guy. I read somewhere that someone said they expect for the costume to change to show Wills face a lot since hes too big an actor to hide away. This is deadshot if anyone hasnt seen.
  6. I used to think that these kids were super smart, i think thats still the case they just need to channel it properly. They need a bit of a reality check instead of living in their hollywood world. This interview is so out there that no-one sane can possibly relate to it so no-one is ever gonna like them. If they want a career in acting or music they really need to stop like kind of talk. And i agree, it makes Will look bad.
  7. Mr. Eko!! Sorry, 'Lost' fan haha no way, Mr Eko.
  8. I think Will could get his career back if he wanted to, it just seems like he doesn't want to be what he was anymore. I mean he had to know taking that much time out of movies would take him off the top spot. I don't know, if he throws himself into filming and does a movie a year again, fans will come back.
  9. I'm not getting excited about anything until its signed and done. Theres been too many times and i'm like, ooh this sounds good, then it never happens.
  10. I'm a bad fan, i never went to Chester. Work is just crazy right now and im super tired, plus i'd be on my own and i didn't fancy trying to taxi it back home. Next time Jeff.
  11. That was pretty funny, i like Jimmy Fallon. Is it me or does Jada look 20 years younger there?
  12. It looks good. I wasn't too excited when i read about it but the trailer looks good. I think i may have underestimated this one. It could be an unusual hit like hitch.
  13. At least he came with a bit more fire than his usual half falling asleep style. He is improving but i won't be downloading any of his stuff anytime soon. He should put some pants on tho.
  14. Willow is a good singer but i'm just not into this kind of style, its too boring and samey.
  15. Valetines day for people who hate romantic stuff? lol.
  16. Ah isnt this the one where we were all listening to a live stream of it and they mentioned us. So cool.
  17. Cool, if i do make it, i'll be sure to say hey.
  18. Of all the things going on in the world, the daily mail still insists on writing articles about a kid with his shirt off.
  19. The UK version is the same, they have people who have never danced a day in their life and they have people from boy/girlbands that partially dance as a living. I guess its all part of the fun. At the end of the day if hes a good dancer then he deserves to get through each round.
  20. You have a cousin in Chester? You have cousins everywhere Tim lol. I'm ok for a place to stay, i can drive back home/taxi in 20 minutes, i just have to get up for work at 6.3am, which gives me about an hours sleep when it comes to Jeffs shows lol. Thanks for the offer tho.
  21. I panicked when i found out 50 shades of gray was coming out a similar time. Those horney housewives are all going to see it in droves. Lets hope the Will charm can get people in.
  22. Happy Birthday Will, hope you have a good one. I was listening to Lost and Found today to celebrate.
  23. Oh man Rosies in Chester, used to go there when i was young and could still hack it. If i go it all depends if i can drag a friend there, it would also mean having hardly any sleep for Monday morning work.
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