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  1. As much as i want another bad boys, i'm pretty excited for Aladdin. Its my second favourite disney movie, so i'm really hoping he does that one next.
  2. Sounds good, i fit the bill but i'm too shy for tv haha. Someone else get on this!
  3. Yeah i wasn't too excited about the support acts, they were never going to be anyone special. I'm ok with them, just glad its nothing annoying, but yeah they are both one hit wonders really. I'll just spend the time they are on trying not to wet myself with excitement.
  4. Tonight I heard an advert on heart radio. It's a station that plays to the northwest so hopefully that will shift some tickets.
  5. Live wire have upped their advertising of this slightly. It's showing up as an advert on my Facebook feed and they've put something in the paper. I really want these shows to sell out and I think they will if more people know about it.
  6. I'm sad about this, it's an awesome show. I haven't quite finished the series yet. If the story isn't wrapped up at the end I'm gonna be so mad.
  7. I'll be arriving in Blackpool early afternoon, I've got gold circle tickets and I'll be driving home afterwards but I can stay late.
  8. Aw Nicole are you coming, it will be nice to finally meet you. Obviously the big tracks from Big Willie Style will go down well. Wild Wild West is a tune, love it if they threw that in there. I agree with Kev, Boom was a big hit here in the UK, I'd love to hear that live. Summertime is a given, massive hit here. I love switch and that charted for almost 6 months in the UK. My fave JJFP tracks are, Brand New Funk, I'm Looking for the One, Parents Just Don't Understand, Ring My Bell, I Wanna Rock, Twinkle Twinkle. I think the 27th of August is gonna be the best day of my life.
  9. It's not like we are going to be chatting during the show anyway. Let's all meet up beforehand. Nice to see all the old faces back.
  10. We should organise a meet up beforehand or something. Dinner somewhere? Theres a lot going on in Blackpool, some good some bad lol. There's usually a lot of drunken stag parties there.
  11. The whole golden circle will be the JJFP.com crew. So made up we are all going. 2 days ago we didn't have any idea about is, now we're all sat here with our tickets.
  12. Blackpool is 1 1/2 drive from my house. This couldnt be any more perfect. Shifts are swapped at work, travel is easy, just need to get my ticket and my dream has come true. Can't wait for this meet up too, its gonna be crazy!
  13. Haha I know. Maybe I'm too old but I always thought he hairstyle was a bit silly. So glad Will had a part in getting rid of it.
  14. Yeah it's gone a bit quiet. It must be out soon. I'm sort of hoping they are trying to work a to deal instead of Apple Music.
  15. Wills not been filming for a few months, it looks like he had a week or so of travel according to his Facebook. He may well of recorded stuff recently, then took a week off. I also think Will likes to explore different cultures to get inspiration for movies/music. That's my theory anyway.
  16. I'm really excited for this one, its so my thing, i love all the fantasy/action stuff. I just havnt been online because i've been moving house etc. (I dunno if you meant us or just the general public.)
  17. Thats just weird! Also, imagine how many letters celebs get from people they were once connected too asking for stuff. If i were Will, I'd ignore letters from baby killers.
  18. I'm a little dissapointed, I'd like Will to team up with Disney at some point. But I'm glad he chose bad boys instead, I'd much prefer he does that.
  19. This could be good or bad, i love disney, their recent live action films have been great. Dumbo is pretty far down on my list of favourite disney films, i also don't like Tim Burton. Anyway, filming in England, turning stalker mode on! If he thought Loretta was bad. (i'm joking, apart from if he was near by i'd attempt to go and say Hi).
  20. I enjoyed all of this, it reminds me of better times.
  21. Really sad to hear, his dad was such a great influence on Will's life. RIP Will Smith Sr.
  22. Lol at you 2 Debbie downers. Its not my fave but it's the best movie he's done in years. Well deserved.
  23. Maybe I'm biased but from what I've heard of the sucide squad soundtrack, caution in the wild is better than any track on it. I reckon it's demo and since it was rejected Will didn't finish. It's a shame coz I really like it, I prefer it to fiesta. At the end of the day, if the big radio stations decided they don't want to play a song, it's hard to chart. They decide what's popular.
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