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  1. Ive just been on YouTube finding the best videos of each song and putting them on a playlist so I have the whole concert. Just missing the 2nd half of nightmare and I wanna rock, so frustrating. Someone might still upload it.
  2. So don't wanna get anyone's hopes up but someone commented on a photo on Facebook that they need to bring the show to the USA and Nicole said "it's coming!"
  3. I felt like this song needs it's own post so we can discuss it, I know there's mixed feelings. Video curtosy of Juan who got the best quality video of it on the net. So obviously my first time hearing it was an odd one, I was still in shock we were about to hear a brand new song live. At first I wasn't sure, it sounded different from his usual stuff. By the end of the song I was jumping up and down. I've since listened to it A LOT. It keeps growing on me and now I love it. I don't mind modern music unlike some some of you guys lol, so I'm bound to like it a bit more. I really hope it gets released, they made a good decision premiering it at this huge event to get the word out. Then if this comes out, does I mean there's a new album due?
  4. Jim, i'm praying Will does some US dates for you guys. We definitely put fire in Wills belly for you. We didn't talk to him about new music, we didn't even know about "Get Lit" so we didn't even ask them what the plan is for it. I already have a signed homebase CD from years ago, i was after a picture, which i got and then some.
  5. The JJFP.com crew with our golden tickets, waiting to get in. In front of the stage. Will and Jeff and the mayor of Blackpool Me and JJFP The best selfie ever taken. The greatest hug ever! Will killing it
  6. OK, so here is my version of what happened yesterday, this may take a while, sorry its so long. So i get to Blackpool at about midday, we were all so paranoid we'd have traffic problems etc, so we all agreed to just get their early. I soon discovered that Blackpool doesn't appear to have internet lol, so i was struggling to get on whatsapp to contact anyone. Me and my best friend Kim head towards Blackpool tower and discover Brakes by a lamppost. Soon Kev and Tim turn up and Kev's mate Tim. We all hung out in a weatherspoons (dodgy pub) just outside the venue, having a drink and catching up. At 3pm we notice a crowd is forming to we get in the queue. We then spot Michelle (fresh princess) and her husband, then soon enough the jjfp.com crew all join us one by one. There were Will Smith t shirts everywhere, mostly fpoba themed but some JJFP ones too. There were also armed guards which is unusual in the UK, and we even heard they had a sniper on the roof. After the attack in Manchester arena, they took no chances. We finally got into the arena at 5pm. We got to the front row and got chatting to some fans who were all really nice while waiting for the support acts. Kev then gets a message from Steve saying those who had met Jeff could go backstage. I felt like a jerk to the others at this point, coz we kinda disappeared, not really knowing what was gonna happen ourselves. We waiting by the side of the golden circle for Steve to appear, in the meantime Neil was stuck outside the arena in a massive queue and was due to come with us backstage. Steve comes out and says hes gonna have a word with security. In the meantime he somehow finds Neil and gets him in. We wait round for a while again and this massive dude comes who looks like hes in charge of security. They took it VERY seriously and had a word with us to basically behave haha. Steve says hes gonna arrange a time for us and will be back in 30 mins. So he takes us backstage to all the trailers and coaches and tells us to wait in the musicians trailer. They tell us to help ourselves to drinks and snacks so we grab some water and energy bars. We hang out in there for maybe 30-45 mins. Jeff quickly pops by and says hey, we met Jeffs wife Lynette who was lovely. She remembered meeting the guys from years ago, i hugged her and said i'd never met her before, but she said she knew who i was. Lynette also said Will and Jeff have definitely got the buzz for more shows after seeing them get off stage after Croatia. We ask Steve about croatia and he said it was amazing. He starts telling us this hilarious story, their hotel was on an Island, so they got to the show on a boat. He says there was this chick in the water just floating there trying to get to Will haha. Tim was like, its Loretta! So Steve gets us and takes us past all the trailers and suddenly there he is, Big Will. He was talking and taking pics with people with professional photographers around. He sees us and comes over, he like "Come and get a photo" so somewhere we have a proper photo of us but i've no idea where we find it. We all say hi to him, the guys do their bro hugs and i say, "Can i just go for the hug". He then gets Brakes phone and takes a selfie of us all. Then the mayor of Blackpool comes over with his people, they start getting photos and make small talk. Will then come back over to us. I can't remember who said what, so you guys may have to correct me. We ask about the croatia show and Will says it was amazing. He then pulls his phone out of his pocket and starts showing us pictures. In my head im just thinking, omg i'm looking at photos on Wills phone. Kev says something like its been a long time coming and Will says "Yeah hasn't it Jeff", Kev then calls Will out and says "Don't be blaming the wait on Jeff" haha. We then all get individual photos with JJFP. He says it was nice meeting us and i get a second hug off him, which my friend Kim captured on camera. He nips off into his trailer, and that's our queue to leave. We get back to the golden circle and find a big space at the back, not as near to the front as we were before, but still super close so we can't complain. The show was incredible. I might get the set list a bit mixed up but Tim has a photo of the order. They start out with Boom, Will pops up, fire is coming from the stage with explosions and the crowd goes wild. It was number 1 in the UK and Will killed it. He then does brand new funk. Now a lot of casual fans won't know this, they especially don't know the video version. So when it comes on, the crowd is a little quieter, but not us. I looks over at Tim, Brakes and Kev, and us 4 are "Yo, let me talk to you, let me have a word with you". Tims cousin was a few rows back and could hear us. He did a few big willie style tracks, Miami, Jiggy, MIB. He then takes us through the story of JJFP, he does Girls Ain't Nothin but trouble and tells the crowd it was their first single, then parents which won the first rap grammy, then threw nightmare on my street in. He then does "Just the two of us", its far from my favorite song but the performance was amazing. He had pics of his kids in the background, mostly of Trey, and was telling the crowd to tell whoever they're with that they love them etc. So then he says he has a new song. I had no idea this was happening, i don't know how we didnt find out. He says he wrote it because there is so much negativity in the world, you need your inner light to shine. Out it comes and its a club banger. It probably won't be my favorite song, but i enjoyed it. I'm ok with some modern music, and it was basically him trying to go with the times. When the beat dropped the crowd went crazy, hopefully inspiring him to release it. I'd definitely like to hear a recorded version of it to appreciate it fully. He does summertime which is obviously amazing and then leaves the stage, they come back on to an encore and does switch with the mix of the fpoba theme. There was 25,000 people singing it back to him. Then as it finishes a massive firework display goes off from the beach on our right (apparently Will paid out £40,000 for it). I waiting so long for this to happen, and it was totally worth the wait, the show was everything you could want it to be and more and the added shock of "Lets get Lit" made it even better. We all went to the chippy to recharge our battery's and caught up on the days events and headed our separate ways. Our social media has gone nuts with our pics and Jeff has responded to all of us, he even shared my photo album on his page today! Yesterday was incredible and i'm so glad i got to share it with you guys from the forum. Tim, your website made all this happen, and Brakes and Kev, we got backstage because of the relationship you formed with Jeffs crew. I hope this does happen again, but if it doesn't, i'm more than satisfied now. My ultimate shadow dream finally came true.
  7. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve this week. So many emotions!
  8. I'm gonna get the free trial then cancel it, looks fairly easy to do. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/apple/11709258/How-to-get-Apple-Music-and-prevent-paying-after-the-free-trial.html
  9. As much as i want another bad boys, i'm pretty excited for Aladdin. Its my second favourite disney movie, so i'm really hoping he does that one next.
  10. Sounds good, i fit the bill but i'm too shy for tv haha. Someone else get on this!
  11. Yeah i wasn't too excited about the support acts, they were never going to be anyone special. I'm ok with them, just glad its nothing annoying, but yeah they are both one hit wonders really. I'll just spend the time they are on trying not to wet myself with excitement.
  12. Tonight I heard an advert on heart radio. It's a station that plays to the northwest so hopefully that will shift some tickets.
  13. Live wire have upped their advertising of this slightly. It's showing up as an advert on my Facebook feed and they've put something in the paper. I really want these shows to sell out and I think they will if more people know about it.
  14. I'm sad about this, it's an awesome show. I haven't quite finished the series yet. If the story isn't wrapped up at the end I'm gonna be so mad.
  15. I'll be arriving in Blackpool early afternoon, I've got gold circle tickets and I'll be driving home afterwards but I can stay late.
  16. Aw Nicole are you coming, it will be nice to finally meet you. Obviously the big tracks from Big Willie Style will go down well. Wild Wild West is a tune, love it if they threw that in there. I agree with Kev, Boom was a big hit here in the UK, I'd love to hear that live. Summertime is a given, massive hit here. I love switch and that charted for almost 6 months in the UK. My fave JJFP tracks are, Brand New Funk, I'm Looking for the One, Parents Just Don't Understand, Ring My Bell, I Wanna Rock, Twinkle Twinkle. I think the 27th of August is gonna be the best day of my life.
  17. It's not like we are going to be chatting during the show anyway. Let's all meet up beforehand. Nice to see all the old faces back.
  18. We should organise a meet up beforehand or something. Dinner somewhere? Theres a lot going on in Blackpool, some good some bad lol. There's usually a lot of drunken stag parties there.
  19. The whole golden circle will be the JJFP.com crew. So made up we are all going. 2 days ago we didn't have any idea about is, now we're all sat here with our tickets.
  20. Blackpool is 1 1/2 drive from my house. This couldnt be any more perfect. Shifts are swapped at work, travel is easy, just need to get my ticket and my dream has come true. Can't wait for this meet up too, its gonna be crazy!
  21. Haha I know. Maybe I'm too old but I always thought he hairstyle was a bit silly. So glad Will had a part in getting rid of it.
  22. Yeah it's gone a bit quiet. It must be out soon. I'm sort of hoping they are trying to work a to deal instead of Apple Music.
  23. Wills not been filming for a few months, it looks like he had a week or so of travel according to his Facebook. He may well of recorded stuff recently, then took a week off. I also think Will likes to explore different cultures to get inspiration for movies/music. That's my theory anyway.
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