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  1. Woah!!!! well this just took me by surprise. It's so different than anything he's done before. It's good though, it's not my first choice of music, but it's catchy and I do like it. I literally have no idea if it's gonna chart, I don't know about the U.S. But dance type music is pretty big here at the moment, but I've never heard of this group. Either way, he's done it, he's actually recorded. Is this a weird dream?
  2. Yeah of all the films Will has done, MIB is the best one to do sequels to. I'm a bit sad he's not doing anymore but I'm also pretty satisfied with the 3 we have. I hope the new one sucks without him haha.
  3. Wills gonna read this site and get restraining orders put on us. He hasn't seen this level of stalking since Loretta was hiding in the trash.
  4. I had a quick look and she does have a pic of her and Jaden. That doesn't really prove anything but it's something.
  5. I'm not sure I could cope with that. I might explode. We've got 10 years of hope and waiting all bottled up.
  6. Video shoot? Woah, this has kinda come out of nowhere. Really hope this is true, we could be getting something sooner than we thought.
  7. Hahaha I forgot how hilarious this is. I still think it's her, Will can't be so unfortunate to have 2 crazy stalkers. The first time he seemed cool with it, then he looked freaked out by MTV. Why did they keep giving her airtime haha.
  8. Will is trending on Facebook and the trailer is getting mostly positive comments. It's getting more hype than I expected.
  9. This gets me a bit more excited. When I hear it's about American football my eyes glaze over a bit, but it's not really about the football, it's about a mans fight to prove something against a huge company. Will really wants his oscars lol.
  10. Sorry I had to make so many posts, I'm on the iPad and it's hard copying and pasting videos on this site. They are his 2 most popular hits. He's about as hip hop as my nan.
  11. Good, I hate this guy. Maybe he's more famous in the UK, he gets a lot of AirPlay. I wouldn't bother looking it up, he's rubbish.
  12. I think it's gonna be a bit like "All of Us", remember when they said it was based on Wills life, when really the only similarity was a child of divorce lol. The media are just using fpoba in the title to make everyone freak out.
  13. This is one of the best interviews I've seen them do. They spoke really well without sounding crazy, instead sounding intelligent like they are. That trivia bit was hilarious, in their defence, at their age I didn't know the exact date of my dad's birthday, you kinda rely on your mum to tell you haha. They are gonna go home and ask Will about "where the day takes you" now.
  14. In all the years I've been a fan I'm not sure I've ever seen him rehearse. Love the silly dancing and opera singing.
  15. If they wanted a true British summer time, all those people at the bbq should of been huddled under a marquee as it pours down with rain. I thought the the remix was ok, Jeffs bit did just seem to be his original mix haha. It's nice, but I'm never gonna choose to listen to this over the original.
  16. Why do they keep regurgitating same old crap. Wills stopped them for now but I'm sure it will come up again in another 6 months when it's another slow news day.
  17. I don't think concussion will do well, especially in the UK, very few people are Into American football. I'm actually wondering if they will even have it on in many cinemas. Suicide squad has so much buzz, it's all over Facebook and Twitter. I'm no massively excited myself coz I don't really like super hero stuff, but I think it will be huge for Will. The trailer looked ok, hard to see properly though with it being such poor quality.
  18. I'm excited he has some big names there. He's just experimenting with sound. If he does want to make a hit ( don't know if that's what he wants) he needs to see what people are listening to these days. If if he hasn't already I have no doubt he will work with Jeff. They've discussed it, it's all about timing of when they are both free. I'm sure JJFP will make this happen. At at the end of the day, it's new music, which I never thought would happen. I'll take anything.
  19. Woooaahhhh Loretta....... shes a a rubbish stalker, we all know Will is in Toronto. Seriously though, that sucks that she managed to get in, you'd think they would have the best security.
  20. Love this! It sounds like I'm back in the 90's when RnB was good. I don't know how this will do in the charts but I don't care, im happy.
  21. Count me in, if I have to fly across the Atlantic for this I will.
  22. I use spotify but I'm cheap and don't pay, I have to put up with the occasional advert and can only skip 6 songs every half an hour. I'm fairly pleased with it but I still mostly stick to my music collection.
  23. I'm so excited! I've never seen her live, the last time she toured I was on holiday. Nothing is going to stop me this time. I hope her new album is more successful than the last.
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