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  1. If he doesnt win this it will be a crime. I never watch these dance shows but i might have to find this on UK tv somewhere.
  2. haha oh man this whole thread is making me feel old. 99 is the year i became a fan, i didn't even have internet then, had to use my college library internet.
  3. WOAH! Will's had a lot of free time recently, if he wasn't recording now he never will be. Please don't be a let down, we've got our hopes up too many times before!
  4. I know it started with celebs then suddenly all my friends were doing it, your lucky if you don't get nominated. The only problem i have with it, is that Macmillan cancer support have hijacked the cause. I think that its great to support all charitys especially when cancer affects so many people but now in the UK a lot of people think its Macmillans thing and still don't know what ALS is. The whole point was to raise awareness about a disease that a lot of people don't know about. Macmillan admitted to then paying for google to put them top of the list when you search ice bucket challenge. Totally unfair if you ask me. Has this happened anywhere else or is it just for als in Aus and the USA?
  5. Yeah i did mine, warning i have a bit of skin showing haha. Worst part was my parents were watching so i couldn't swear. I have seen Tim has been nominated so get it done lol.
  6. I love this so much, he had ice and everything. Willow got it right on his head haha. Alfonso nominated the whole fpoba cast so hopefully we will see all theirs.
  7. Thanks Hax, hes been with us for years. Yeah i tried to come online for the past few days, got a bit worried when it was off for a while.
  8. haha saw this, i love how he tried to keep in the scream. If Will doesnt do it i'll be very dissapointed.
  9. Man one day we're going to be at a Jeff show and Will is gonna pop up. I think of all the shows ive seen them at recently this one is the one i'd want to be at most. Summertime fits in so well.
  10. Wow bad boys 3 announcement and a JJFP performance (Will with his top off) all in 48 hours. They are spoiling us.
  11. Awesome, Sunday night, hopefully i can make it. Looks like Jeff is visiting us all.
  12. Oh really. I've seen it all over facebook and its trending on twitter, i came here to see the anouncment. Lets hope it does happen, the people seem to really want it!
  13. Woah Jeff is coming to Chester! Thats half an hour from my house, i'll be sure to come to that if i'm free.
  14. RIP Robin. He was one of my faves too, especially when i was a kid. Its so sad anyway but to know it was suicide it cuts a little deeper.
  15. Cool, yeah lets see where else is announced, we can mix it up a bit with where we go.
  16. In between all that flying, Will took some time between Sunday and Monday to use some "just for men".
  17. See people still love Will, he got a great reaction from the crowd, i reckon people would go mental if he turned up at one of these festivals doing his own stuff.
  18. haha that topless woman, awkward!
  19. I saw this, i'm really interested in reading peoples urban exploring stories but its a shame the interviewer took it to a weird place like they always do. Also its one thing exploring an abandoned building but neverland is still owned and has all of his personal stuff in there. Saying that though, i'd give anything to have a look myself.
  20. lol $10,000 plus flights and hotels, nah, still hoping to meet him some day for free.
  21. I was looking on the page and for $10,000 you can have dinner with Will and other members of the cast. I really shouldn't spend my life savings on this, maybe another time.
  22. Happy Birthday Nicole! Thank you for everything you have done for us, hope your having a lovely day!
  23. I bet one of those 3 cast members aren't Will or i would consider it.
  24. Yeah you can't win, just looked at some other boiler room videos, there was another one where people were accused of being bored and another one where people were dancing and drinking and got called awkward. I'm still amazed that we got called both trendies and hipsters, aren't they the complete opposites?
  25. I made the mistake of looking and left a comment. Like seriously I'm not gonna stand up and bust out some shapes in the middle of the room. Someone said I looked out of place, I felt out of place, I always do at these things.
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