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  1. I'm really excited for this one, its so my thing, i love all the fantasy/action stuff. I just havnt been online because i've been moving house etc. (I dunno if you meant us or just the general public.)
  2. Thats just weird! Also, imagine how many letters celebs get from people they were once connected too asking for stuff. If i were Will, I'd ignore letters from baby killers.
  3. I'm a little dissapointed, I'd like Will to team up with Disney at some point. But I'm glad he chose bad boys instead, I'd much prefer he does that.
  4. This could be good or bad, i love disney, their recent live action films have been great. Dumbo is pretty far down on my list of favourite disney films, i also don't like Tim Burton. Anyway, filming in England, turning stalker mode on! If he thought Loretta was bad. (i'm joking, apart from if he was near by i'd attempt to go and say Hi).
  5. I enjoyed all of this, it reminds me of better times.
  6. Really sad to hear, his dad was such a great influence on Will's life. RIP Will Smith Sr.
  7. Lol at you 2 Debbie downers. Its not my fave but it's the best movie he's done in years. Well deserved.
  8. Maybe I'm biased but from what I've heard of the sucide squad soundtrack, caution in the wild is better than any track on it. I reckon it's demo and since it was rejected Will didn't finish. It's a shame coz I really like it, I prefer it to fiesta. At the end of the day, if the big radio stations decided they don't want to play a song, it's hard to chart. They decide what's popular.
  9. I've reinstalled it and got it working again. It says we get first dibs on tickets! I'm sure it means movie tickets but I can live in hope that if means concert tickets.
  10. Anyone else having trouble with this app. It's been a bit glitchy for the last few weeks, then it updated and I can no longer log in. Tried both Facebook and Twitter.
  11. IT was trending on twitter earlier on, people had only good things to say. im the same I knew very little about it, I thought it was like real life, not, I guess you would call it science fiction.
  12. Damn I was thinking he same thing as you Kev. Well Will isn't filming anything currently, hopefully he's spending his time in the studio.
  13. Id highly recommend this. It's set in the Bronx when disco was popular and hip hop was just beginning. Grandmaster flash is a character in it, but i believe the other characters are made up. They seem like the furious 5 but the story is a bit different than theirs. Great bit of hip hop history in it.
  14. Radar claimed to have "evidence", we have yet to see any. ( because they don't have any!)
  15. People have told you. Why don't you go see it for yourself.
  16. Did anyone see the scene after the credits, they've defo made space for a sequel. Its currently number 6 on Wills worldwide box office numbers.
  17. I still see the JJFP.com posts. I think Facebook just chooses certain people to post to. It might choose me because I read comments etc. I dunno how it works lol.
  18. Finally saw this. I loved it, best film I've seen in years. Will is his usual self but as a bad guy and Margot is amazing. It's really fast paced which I like. It definitely needs to be seen on the big screen.
  19. Where's Johnny5, he needs to make a music video like he did with "tell me why" haha.
  20. Can't wait to see this, need to finish off "stranger things" then I'm on it.
  21. Yeah Will was too nice, just took a load of insults. Margot was hilarious "you were the worst looking in I am legend, between the zombies and the dog".
  22. Btw love the little messages on the app. Woke up this morning and turned my iPad on to get a notification to say don't let plan b distract me from plan a. Nice way to start the day haha.
  23. Wait that's Willow? That's the best I've ever heard her. Anyone know of the male singer is. Thanks for the MP3 brakes, I'll stick in in my random Will iTunes folder.
  24. Sounds more like he decided he didn't want it on the soundtrack other than it didn't make the cut. Fair enough.
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