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Found 2 results

  1. As the Fresh Prince of Bel Air performance rolls past 6 million views on YouTube I can't help but think...this is it. Since Lost and Found in 2005 it's been a desert wasteland for us Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince fans. No new music, no performances, and no sign that it would ever happen. Will didn't even do a movie for 4 years and he still didn't touch a mic. I know Will is pretty sensitive about his music, from his past performances he doesn't want to step out unless he has a lot of love, he doesn't want to fail. 2013 seems to be the perfect timing, all those fresh prince fans have grown up, had kids and now those kids are fans too. It's like there are two generations of fresh prince fans and that's a lot of love. Will still has it on the mic, there is no question. I think we may look back on this weekend in the future and say that was the turning point. The amazing response to Will & Jeff performing must surely show Will how much love there is for Will & Jeff, on a stage, and in a recording studio. Now is the time for JJFP to head back in the studio, record a new album, and do a world tour. I like most of you have grown pretty pessimistic over the years of this happening, but this graham norton performance and the response to it, is like a shot in the arm, that I think will inspire Will. The fresh prince, the emcee, is inside of him, it never left, and with Jeff by his side it is ready to be unleashed. Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince Forever!!!
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