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  1. This is actually alright, her other stuff is a bit dreary to me, but this is a lot catchier.
  2. They put it on Jeffs and vinyl destinations Instagram too lol. Every social media I was looking at yesterday we were there.
  3. I'm not a huge fan of superhero movies but they seem to be so popular at the moment. Remember when Will said he studied the top 10 movies and they all had creatures in them. I think he's done the same and found out superheroes are bringing in the crowds in the 2010's. I think it's gonna do well, I'm sure comic book geeks will critisise it but casual fans will enjoy it.
  4. Urgh, it wasn't about Jeff, they just commented that we just sat there still and didn't dance etc. I can see their point but it was an odd atmosphere and I wasn't about to bust out some shapes and get in Jefs way lol. Someone said I looked like I'd got lost and walked into the wrong room lol.
  5. Ah we're famous. It's even got us meeting him afterwards. I think I was laughing coz I said I can't do the cool shoulder bump handshake. im not reading any comments, still feeling the burn after those bad YouTube comments.
  6. I think he looks cool, loving how much buzz is around this film.
  7. Yes, this is what we want to hear. Jeff is so right, as much as we'd all (us and Will) for Will to have a hit single, it doesnt matter. Will wants to make music and we want to hear it, end of. Its a good sign Jeff is impressed with his stuff, i think he tells it like it is. Glad you had a good show, the Jazz cafe really is the best place to see him.
  8. I read a comment on Facebook from someone that seemed to be into comics. They said that look is his "normal guy" look and not his super hero look, so we might yet see some interesting costumes. He does look like he's back in the wild Wild West or he's rev run lol.
  9. He looks well scary. I can't wait to see what Will looks like, we've already seen he's doing his best Walter White impression.
  10. I don't know if someone has done something, but it seems to be working now. Thanks!
  11. This is the first time we've heard something new in like 10 years, finally it's not the willlywood verse! He might be testing stuff out and seeing how people take it. I agree though, I wish they would give us a heads up if they are going to a club. I will travel and spend my money to see them.
  12. Is anyone else having problems with the view new content button since the upgrade? It just says "Something went wrong, please try again". I thought it was just on my ipad at first but it does the same on my computer.
  13. I've always been against this movie, its a stupid idea and its not the type of film you can make a sequel to..... But since seeing all the old faces return apart from Will, i have just a tiny shred of disapointment. I really do hope it sucks now, if this turns out amazing and Wills not in it, im gonna be mad.
  14. Isn't four five seconds on rihannas album. Yeah I'm not going crazy over this, anyone can make stuff like that, but you never know.
  15. Come on guys, I can't be the only one that saw Focus this weekend. What are your thoughts? i enjoyed it more than I expected. It started off pretty fast, got straight into the storyline which is good, I hate faffing around in movies. It got really interesting with a great scene at a football game, then again the ending is fab and catches you off guard. Without spoiling it, as a viewer you feel like your getting conned constantly. Will gets to be Will, he has his funny witty lines, Margot is really great too and the storyline is full of twists and turns. It's kinda like a con version of Hitch. It's not gonna be a huge blockbuster, but I think people will enjoy it.
  16. I heard Will and Margot say they don't start filming suicide squad until mid April , Jeff doesn't go on tour until April. That means March is free. And all these interviews have put pressure on him. It has to happen now.
  17. I like the sound of this one, i'm far more interested in it than concussion.
  18. This was brilliant. I've never seen top gear before because I hate Jeremy Clarkson and I don't care about cars but I really enjoyed this. Will seemed to turn up in a really good mood and had so much energy. In my opinion Jeremy didn't give the greatest interview but because Will was on fire it worked. Will even made a race joke which made me cringe and laugh a bit because Jeremy has got I to trouble for saying racist rhymes. If you get the chance to watch this you should.
  19. I think Jeff is the key to helping Will, i mean by the sounds of it, a big thing holding him back is that hes not happy with some of the stuff that hes come up with and he scared its not good enough. I think getting artists he hasnt worked with before is a good thing to give him fresh ideas, so i like hes with Kayne. But with Jeff, he knows how hes doing, Jeff could really help him come up with something amazing, and we know hes gonna tell him if its not good enough. Hopefully that time he put aside to record with Jeff is just delayed and not cancelled.
  20. I didn't know his dad had cancer, this was a couple of years ago and we haven't heard anything, hopefully he's doing well.
  21. Although I do think Willow and Jaden have said some very odd things lately, it's really sad that's kids have to learn to take a battering. I mean think what you want about them but they shouldn't have to deal with the hate. I suppose it's the world we live in.
  22. Well this is sounding so much more positive than when he was promoting a movie a few years ago and he said that's it for music. I think he just needs to take time, hang out with Jeff and it will all come back to him. Sounds like we could be waiting a bit but hey I'll take it.
  23. I can't stand top gear and I especially hate Jeremy Clarkson. I guess I'll have to watch that one lol. Don't they have a leader board of celebs that drove the fastest?
  24. I was just thinking yesterday it seems like forever since we saw Jeff (I think its only been a few months).
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