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  1. The sad thing about the interview in Argentina is that some reporter asked him about his music career (giving that he sometimes makes a song for the soundtrack of his movies) and his answer was that he might pop in an Argentinian club and rap to entertain the people present there as a surprise. Also he says that's been 15 years since his last record and that he is glad that people remembers his music (apparently he isn't counting Lost and Found which was released in 2005 and Born to Reign, Willenium...). Check the whole interview below
  2. After hearing in an enterview that reading and running are key to keep you on track to achieve your goals, i was wondering if any of you guys know will's favorite books ( i know he mentioned the Alchemist of Paulo Coehlo in a enterview in the past) but i was hoping to expand the list. And also, do you guys know Will's email? He has a fan email account or something like that?
  3. Maybe in image and longevity i agree. But you can't compare Will in lyrics to the ones mentioned above... In sales Jay-z is bigger than Will, and sales don't make an artist good..... Will's rap style is more pop than hip hop. Lyrically speaking, which song do you guys think is Will's best?.....Can we say that Will have a hip hop classic?
  4. I'm a Will Smith fan for several years now. I love Will's music.... You guys always say that he is one of the best rappers (or the best) but i don't agree with that. I think that Will is one of the best enternainers in the industry but you can't go out and say that he is in the level of Pac, Big, Nas, Jay-z, Racim, etc.... What place do you guys think that Will deserves in the top rappers of all time? ---> my guess is that he is not in the top 5 (even Will himself would agree with that).... Waiting for your comments,
  5. Hablen en espanol cono que yo no entiendo na de esta vaina.......
  6. hey can you link it again please, cuz the link ain´t working no more. I love that video. Please help me man.ç
  7. hey, i want to download just the two of us man. I think is a great song, i´ve been looking for that video for years. If you could upload it for me i´ll apprecciate it very much. Thanks, Big Willie
  8. I found this article on bet news. What do you guys think about it? I'm from Dominican Republic and we love Will Smith in here WILL SMITH IS THROWIN' 'BOWS In case you didn't know, Will Smith's new album, Lost & Found, is pretty good. But, one particular song has Will going hard against people that have had some unkind words for the world's nicest rapper. On "Mr. Nice Guy" he disses Eminem, Wendy Williams and conservative talk show host Larry Elder. He says, "Dissed by Eminem, but didn't bother him / Yup, but he's classy Big Will - just get another 20 mil / walk right pass he / I'm a nice guy, why y'all harassing me....Larry Elder (Uncle Tom is stated in ad libs) / You lucky I didn't make you the whole damn rhyme / Wendy Williams, you don't know me /I'm not your punching bag, you won't blow me up/ Girl better leave me alone / Before I buy your radio station and send ya home." Never fret. Will is acting in self-defense. Wendy Williams has questioned the rapper's sexuality and Eminem crapped on his nice-guy persona on 2000's "The Real Slim Shady." Lost & Found is out today.
  9. i just wanna hear switch man, where is the audio forum?...I'm from dominican republic and Will is da bomb here, maybe some of y'al don't even know this country. We speak spanish here. Bye and thanks.
  10. i didn't say that he is in the new album,he told me that he and will were looking forward on working together, is like the J LO thing, don't you see the topic of my post????, is a question to all of y'all, if you think that is going down in this album or in another future album??? Get it?
  11. "My thing is you can't say nothing nice don't say nothing"
  12. man, i'm just telling y'all what went down, and for those that are trying to diss me i've been here for almost 3 years, i used to loged in by the name davidven76.....i know that i don't post a lot, but i think i deserve some respect from you.....we all have the same right in this forum, we are all big willie fans. And about the cursin, don't get to hype about that, the fact that will doesn't put in in his music doesn't mean that he doesn't use cursin in his everyday language. And i'm also letting y'all know that i'm from dominican republic, i was just on vacation in new york.
  13. y'all r not gonna believe this!!!!!! I was in new york city on saturday and i ran in to lil jon on the bronx, he was banging in his escalade and he had on big willie style in his stereo, he gave me his autograph, and told me that he and will are new friends, and they're planning on recording some **** together.
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