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  1. I can't wait to watch this, normally it seems so boring but ive heard about Jennifer Lawrence falling over again, pizza deliveries and mass selfies, sounds like Ellen made it a good one.
  2. I know we are a bit biased here but how does an oscar nominee get worst supporting actor? Fair enough if they didnt like the movie and yeah the role wasnt exactly challenging but he didnt do a bad job at it.
  3. Thanks for the full interview, i couldn't find it yesterday, i'll give it a watch this week, i can't wait after seeing the dance haha.
  4. lmao! Zombie elephant and a cloned Will Smith, yeah dont make that movie guys lol.
  5. At least we will get the chance to see Will in a different light, its something new at least. We are perhaps lucky its just a cameo that hes trying something different in.
  6. I don't have a lot of interest in this film but im certainly interested in Wills Character haha. This will probably be one of those, i'll wait until its on sky tv to watch it. Never did see Anchorman.
  7. Surely it must be around summer, its not like MIB where they take ages doing special effects.
  8. I don't think Will would want to be in the same room as Janet after everything shes said about him. I'd love to see another fpoba but im not sure how it could happen. They would need some awesome writers to pull that off.
  9. Hes getting the bug with all these mini shows and meeting up with people. I'd love to see him and Wyclef collaborate. Remember when Will said it was the fugees that made him want to get back into rap and then he came out with big willie style.
  10. I wonder if Alfonso told him about his skydiving on im a celeb and Will fancied it. He didnt even look slightly nervous.
  11. I don't think ive seen very much of Jimmy Fallon, hes not really big here, ive seen bits on youtube. Im just happy Will is going on something. I hope your right about music AJ.
  12. Looks great! I can't believe you did your bit in one take as well Kev, it looked awesome.
  13. Thanks guys that was great. I love that you take time out to say hey to us.
  14. I think a troll has hacked Nicoles account, left that message and is now sat laughing at us waiting not so patiently.
  15. I know. Be right back and it's 24 hours later. She's messing with us to drive us crazy lol.
  16. Ok ive booked my hotel, i thought with it being a bank holiday it will be busy. Im in the same place as last time, although i thought the guy on the desk was going to murder me in my sleep, its so close to scala and the train station, im gonna stick with it.
  17. No wonder he fell, that was mental, he was saying "stop stop" just before it happened. I would hate to be a celebrity like that.
  18. aw sorry AJ, ive seen on facebook your not very well. get better soon!
  19. Oh no! Its been hours, what is it haha.
  20. AJ if i can use windows movie maker then you can lol. Fingers crossed it worked.
  21. Jim your video is great! Your being too hard on yourself. I can't wait to see this all put together, he's gonna love it!
  22. Yeah its not a bad track. The both of them are improving everytime. Pretty talented considering their age.
  23. haha Wills acting like hes posing for a new movie poster with that bird.
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