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  1. shhhh Nicole, don't tell him haha.
  2. Excellent, Scala was great. I'm of at Easter so i can come down.
  3. lol does that mean i need to film again. That means i need to tidy my desk again. It would look better thought, it might look kinda weird if it just cut off at one person. Unless Kev can put some text at the end or something with a birthday message.
  4. I thought the same thing! Its gonna be great seeing us all together with a big mix of accents.
  5. Here's my video, im not used to being on camera so it took quite a few takes. I then realized i say erm quite a lot, tried to re do it with less erms and apparently thats impossible for me. So here it is in all its awkward glory. Do i need to upload it to that link as well. I had a quick look but i don't quite get it.
  6. haha they are pretty funny. As far as we know Will doesnt visit here but good luck with trying to get him. Make sure you post it here if you do.
  7. Brakes are you trying to make us all look bad, sat on your posh sofa, rapping and saying exactly the right thing. Im doing mine on Friday when the house is empty, don't want anyone coming into my room like who are you talking to?
  8. Wow i so want to go to Dubai now. That instagram account is brilliant, i don't know what you call it but Will and Tyrese in full Dubai dress is ace.
  9. Cool Tim, that gives me an idea of what we are after. Do you think we should all try and have our chosen song in the background so it all kinda fits together, i'm sure i can manage that, as long as its not so loud that we can't be heard.
  10. Cool, my actual fave song is Summertime but thats all anyone ever talks about so im gonna do I'm looking for the one/code red . I hope we dont all do code red, it is a great album though.
  11. Yeah i kinda am, and i didnt realize so much until i saw an article quoting a lot of celebs and it said there has been no statement yet from Will. He tends to be a bit behind on his facebook, when he posts pics, they are usually from days ago but i thought he would of said something by now. Unless hes thinking of the right thing to say, or even planning something bigger as a tribute. Either way, he should at least say something.
  12. Probably not, there has been about 8 series, if you've never seen it before then i very much doubt it. Plus is very much about voting people in etc. Ive posted a load of full episodes above, im sure the rest will be on the same account if you wanna watch.
  13. First hes hanging with Kanye in Brazil (which we know he was in the studio), hes met up with Jeff in London and Dubai and also Maxwell and Tyrese in Dubai. I have this small glimmer of hope that hes up to something and staying very quiet about it.
  14. Yeah good idea, its the least we could do since hes done so much for us. But what do you give the worlds greatest DJ?
  15. Apparently he did a small cameo in Zach Braffs latest film so we have one more little piece of him left to see.
  16. Jada Pinkett Smith Happy New Year everyone! I was hoping to start the new year differently but we have lost yet another friend. James Avery who we all lovingly know as Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince has passed. Our condolences to aunt Florence (his mother), Miss Barbara (his wife) and all those who loved him. Rest in peace James. J DJ Jazzy Jeff RIP James Avery...Thank U for the talks,travel tips and the jazz cd's. A great Friend and Even Better Person...You will be Missed!! ‪#‎FPOB‬
  17. RIP James! This is so sad, it feels like we grew up with him.
  18. I saw this on facebook at 10 minutes to midnight, i wasnt expecting it.
  19. Whatever they are doing lets hope someone gets some video footage.
  20. UK peeps this is on new years day, channel 4, 9pm. Can't wait.
  21. Merry Christmas everyone, hope your all having a good day!
  22. I bet all the teeny boppers think this is Pitbulls original or something. Ah well as long as Coz gets paid.
  23. LMAO did he forget to change out of his PJ bottoms this morning.
  24. Alfonso went out last night in 7th place. Overall i enjoyed him being in there. Basically he told everyone he was in there for the money and he wanted to leave asap to see his family. The first 2 weeks the public vote for the celebs to do a trial, the last week the celebs get voted out. He was in the bottom 2 pretty much every night and he hung in there by a thread. I didnt want him to leave because i wanted to see him in the show, i especially wanted him in at the end because a lot of fun stuff happens at the end. But it wasnt to be. Earlier this week he got a bit boring and depressed, but his mate David Emanuel (Princess Di's dress designer, yep we get top notch celebs in there lol) told him to lighten up and do the carlton dance. After that he became entertaining again and did a trial with Kian from westlife who is his other mate. Anyway he did pretty well, it was fun to watch him in a real life situation and he said it was much much harder than he expected. Here are his highlights. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOp_B-6cYKw
  25. Yes! This is starting to become my favourite thread on this site, so many topless photos. :)
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