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  1. Thanks man, really appreciate this;)
  2. All I have to say is, Eminem is a fool. Feel free to quote me.
  3. It sounds really wierd, there's just too much going on in the song to get a grasp of it. :)
  4. This is what I call oLD SKooL, this is funny as hell.
  5. Could someone re-upload this one please, thanks. :kool:
  6. Nope, this is a Reggae remix, it has: reggae remix instrumental remix acapella remix instrumental acapella
  7. :kool: http://s44.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=243AP0M...ZF3ITNBJNO5RY8O
  8. Could you repost it please, that link seems dead now :(
  9. I personally use Acid Pro 4, I've tried 5, but it's just not as nice as the older version. Note:5 Rules is officially The Year 2005's Song Of The Summer. Also keeping it as fresh as possible on my iPod. Check: http://img209.echo.cx/img209/9644/52nf.jpg :afro:
  10. yo people, props to bigperm aka trax90210 for giving me this site address, nice site, you guys are doing a good job, like the forum too. :afro:
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