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  1. Thank you reborn2reign! I will enjoy watching the Prince in English. Probably much funnier than the German translation. Thanx for this one!
  2. hhhmmmmm... :hmm: I could only find it on Nick. Nowhere else...no tv channel nearby??? My zipcode is 10520...could anybody of you check for me if it is on by day? Who the hell can watch the fresh prince at 3am??? Nuts.. :thatsux:
  3. Hey, thank you guys..it really helped me a lot. I was searching on NBC, ABC, HBO but no Fresh Prince. I will live in New York and I will try it right now. I will tell you if it works....
  4. Hey fellas! I am from Germany and I will come to the US for one year in late August. Unfortuneately, I can't find on which channel The Fresh Prince is on. Can you tell me that, because I really want to watch it in English. Thank you guys. :2thumbs: See you
  5. Can anybody please load it up again? The file is expired. I think it would be better to use rapidshare.de instead of yousendit.com because they don't have a limit of 25 downloads I guess. So please make sure that somebody loads it up again. PLEEEAAAASSEEE
  6. Link: http://rapidshare.de/files/1238621/Will_Sm...Remix_.mp3.html
  7. The girl I know did not bring me L&F:-(. Well...I did not know her too good anyways. But.....my family from NY send it to me...and it arrived today. HAPPY:-)! They also sent me an I Love NY t-shirt. Yeah
  8. Hey Hero! My collection includes: Big Willie Style Willennium Born to reign Lost and Found He's the DJ And in this corner Homebase Code Red The Magnificent Will I become a potna when I post a pic from all of them? I can post in in a few days, because I have borrowed 2 albums to a friend at the moment.
  9. Damn...157 posts and you think that was a freestyle? Seems as if you don't have the album yet. Go out and buy the record.
  10. Do I have to own the Greatest Hits album to become a potna?
  11. But overall for BWS was "only" 9Millions and for Willennium "only" 2Millions
  12. Let's see if L&F is really your fave album, although Jeff is not involved the way most of us wanted him to be.
  13. U can hear Luda's vocals in the background? Where? :dunno:
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