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  1. i'm a bit late but Happy Birthday! glad you had a great time!
  2. those new additions are fantastic, i'm lovin the old JJFP ones!
  3. I was COMPLETELY gutted on saturday, as was everyone i know. The final result was awful but the performance we put on with 10 men was amazing. As my Nan's Italian, i want Italy to win now!
  4. Got mine delivered yesterday, as an early birthday pressie from my brother!!
  5. i'm with Julie, us girlies need skinny fit tshirts!! the only baggy one i wear is my England footie shirt!
  6. :rofl: ha! never thought of that before! Jada shouldn't stand for that! :kekeke:
  7. really worried about Owen, hope he's not gonna be out for the rest of the tournament. Joe Cole's goal was fantastic!!!!
  8. I really like it, missed a few but caught it when i remembered. Their Mum cracks me up!! I loved the one where she went to see Dreamgirls and started singing "and i am telling you...."! lol like Will does in Fresh Prince :rofl:
  9. OMG that was amazing!!!!! I'm gonna have to watch it a few more times just to take it all in!! :gettinjiggywitit:
  10. thanks for the info. I think its nice that he doesnt wanna steal Jada's thunder by being interviewed. lol at your comment about 50 cent....i'm with you on that!! :3-laugh3:
  11. one of my brother's mates is performed there! i'll have to find out if he met him! oh yeah, and he is looking REALLY skinny!
  12. just the once performing....but it was great!
  13. fantastic cover! can't wait to get it....fingers crossed for some unreleased stuff!
  14. I find it hard to read that and not be optimistic. Part of me doesnt wanna get my hopes up but i cant help it....i just hope it does actually happen!!
  15. wow, this sounds fantastic! Can't wait!!
  16. ok, i'm downloading right now...i have a tiny clip of this already on video and i can't wait to see it. Thanks everyone for finding it and putting it up!! edit: i love it!!! it's great, classic JJFP.....fantastic!!
  17. it doesn't look too bad but i'd choose him with hair any day!! that's the Will i know and love!
  18. wow, that's a lot sooner than i expected! quite like the cover too!
  19. The Magnificent is amazing, a definate must-have :jazzy:
  20. I've definately got that bit on my video of that episode from BBC2, can't think why it wouldn't be shown :shrug:
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