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  1. well, needless to say i hope it IS London lol. Can't wait to hear more details...
  2. aw bless! great pics girls!! glad you had a good time!!
  3. definately worth the wait! i can't stop watching it!
  4. i voted 8, it's a great video! i agree with most people in that Jeff would've been good in it and the third verse needed more emphasis but c'mon, it's fantastic!!! Let's not give it unneccessary negativity!
  5. i'm loving this, haven't been able to use the internet for a few days but this was a great thing to come back to!!!! I love it, ok, there's a fake Jeff - not good, but the line dancing had me laughing and overall i really liked it, cant wait to see it on tv!!!!
  6. his is fantastic! pure insanity! i love it!
  7. he's also at the Hammersmith Palais tomorrow, sorry it's such short notice :noooo: a little off topic but i thought i'd mention it anyway. Boyz II Men played a one off gig at the same place last tuesday, me and my friend were supposed to go but she had to retake one of her uni modules so we couldn't! I was gutted to say the least! :nooo:
  8. this is so exciting, i just hope we get to see the whole video and not just a clip...i don't think we czan take any more suspense!
  9. haha! when i logged on and saw that i cracked up!!
  10. :dope: :dope: :dope: :dope: :dope: :dope: :dope: fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg i can't wait!!!!!!
  11. Whoa, LA!! Have a great time James!
  12. It seems im giving off the wrong impression, i like men! Well all i can say is you asked for it, behold girlies (and maybe some boys) Will in all his glory. be thankful i didnt put the one up where u can see his butt. I love revenge. ← :dope: haha! always a good one to see! :1-say-yes:
  13. definately one of the highlights, along with Block Party and Momma Knows
  14. Earthquake!! Will's face as he says it is just hilarious!
  15. Viv: That man is on thin ice... Geofferey: I'll alert the fish! :3-laugh3: Phil, to Ashley: The road to New York goes through me Will: Would that be like, a six lane high way?!! :lol:
  16. :drunk: Michelle can handle the older men department. :drunk: Simon and Ben Dover can organise the adult entertainment. :drunk: ← oi cheeky!! i'm gonna get a bad reputation now! :shrug:
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