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  1. didn't he present a TV show called Your Big Break or something in America?
  2. wow, it's taken me ages to go through this thread...i really need to start getting on here more!! Great pics Tim! x
  3. great poster. Like most of you i would consider buying it if it was cheaper.....that is A LOT to spend on a poster...
  4. well, i managed to get it. Fantastic stuff, what an amazing experiance for you!
  5. nooooooo! it took me an hour to get to 50% of the download and my comp crashed! i've gotta start again now..... ....i'm sure it'll be worth it though!
  6. i'm downloading right now!!!!! oh my god i'm so jealous.....but happy for you at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Jonny that's unbelieveable! I expected it to be good but not THAT good!! Great work!! :yeah:
  8. Bless. I, like Max, came into this late. I can't really give any advice but i will say that i hope it all works out for you. I was in a similar situation in my short time at uni, one girl i really didn't get on with who didn't even know me started being really spiteful for no reason. What I will say is whatever you do don't give up, i did and i've been regretting it ever since. Hope it all works out for ya Ju x
  9. i know it's cheeky but if anyone has got the time to re-upload them it would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
  10. i've got 12"s and singles...i like get my hands on anything i can!!!
  11. not liking the cover too much, it doesn't capture the essence of the 3rd season in my opinion. Oh well, we mustn't be ungrateful, at least its coming! WISH they would've kept the reunion!
  12. here's a pic from the set guys, apologies if it's already been posted :paperbag:
  13. Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you all have a good one!!!
  14. the site's great! loving the songs!
  15. i'm so happy for you, those pics are fantastic!!! wow, i'm so glad you all had a great time!!
  16. :kekeke: agreed. It's been a while since i've seen Switch performed, so i would've quite enjoyed it! I don't even know why they bother having it though, they might as well just give it to Westlife and be done with it. :thumbdown:
  17. yeah, saw Will in 2001 at the Ali premiere, JJ+FP at the I, Robot premiere 2004, and Will at the HItch premiere 2005!! I don't think anything will ever beat the I, Robot tour!!!
  18. aw man i miss everything! great pic tho, can't wait to hear what cookies thought!
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