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  1. noooooo! oh my god! looking forward to this is the only thing getting me through all my uni work at the mo....completely gutted. I've been asked to work on the 18th- what do we reckon, is it definately definately not goin ahead??
  2. i LOVE this album, think it's probably second to he's the DJ for me - i just love both the stories and the music, think i'm gonna listen to Everything That Glitters now actually!!
  3. i think that it has to be He's The DJ, which is also my favourite album....completely flawless.
  4. fantastic...a JJFP Fan meeting is long overdue!!! :clap2:
  5. thanks so much Tim, i'll definately be there, absolutely cannot wait!!!!
  6. they were lovely...told them ow nervous i was about meeting them and they were like, "there's no need to be nervous!"....aaawwwww!!! also got a kiss from Wanya at the end which just made my year!!!!
  7. Hey guys...i know i haven't been on here for a while, and i dunno if you remember that i was a huge BIIM fan (lol nearly as much as JJFP...but not quite!!) anyway, they came to my hometown on their tour, so i went, and also paid for a meet and greet pass at the end...just wanted to share my experiance with you guys!!! if you're interested, check out my photo's @ http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=1027...mp;id=542110430 http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=1027...mp;id=542110430 the whole night was just amazing!!!! :wickedwisdom: x
  8. definately going no matter how much it costs!! lol there's gonna be a HUGE dent in my savings!!
  9. i'm gonna have to get one!! i agree with you julie, it's like tradition now, i have to ave a will calendar every year!!
  10. sorry if someone's posted this already, but i just wanted to tell all you UK guys as soon as i found out... can't wait!!!!
  11. it's absolutely awful over there. i don't think i can bare to go back there ever again. someone really needs to sort it out....
  12. totally jealous!!!!!! but so happy for you...wow that must've been AMAZING!!!! x
  13. dunno if anyone else has seen this....... TROTM seems like a bargain!!
  14. Blimey...that was quick!! Great stuff!! :bowdown:
  15. wow, that was fantastic!!! well done guys!
  16. aaaww bless ya. Thanks. Listening at the mo, can't wait to hear some new trax! x
  17. Thanks!! I'm ill and stuck in the house so it'll give me something to do!! x
  18. I know what ya mean but like julie said it's a recent link....like today recent. we can live in hope....
  19. Will Smith Plans Rap Comeback apologies if this has already been posted! xx
  20. Michelle Valadez I'm loving Facebook at the mo!
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