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  1. Oh dear, if you did that you would be so dumped :stars: :rofl:
  2. can't wait for this!!!! some of my fave episodes are from season 3!
  3. wow, this is all really wierd. If i'd have seen this thread before i also would have tuned in, kinda glad i didn't, but i feel for those of you that did. I can just about tolorate Westwood with Will on but without Will.... :shakehead:
  4. there's some fantastic stuff on these! anyone who is able to afford them won't be sorry!
  5. can't believe it's so low. what are people playing at...they don't know what they're missing. fools.
  6. Happy Birthday Willow! wow, 5! The years are going so quickly!
  7. well it is half term so the duff army would have been out in force :1-say-yes: true. oh well, higher would've been better but i don't suppose number 19 is that bad...
  8. :metoo: i also love Say Say Say, lol the video where him and MJ are dressed as clowns! :lol:
  9. Julie that's great!! haha! video footage wanted next time!
  10. Fantastic! I saw most of the last series, can't wait for the next one now!
  11. thanks for that, "he has not only mastered his craft, but loves it as well". Nuff said!
  12. i don't hate the song but i definately don't like it. Act Like You Know and Block Party are, in my opinion, the highlights of B2R.
  13. wow, great vid!! unfortunately i couldn't make it either...maybe one day...
  14. these are fantastic, thanks for posting! i love them all!
  15. i can't wait to hear PS on Kiss, i listen to it a lot but haven't heard it yet.
  16. bless these are co cute....if i had a scanner i'd put mine up!
  17. i haven't seen it yet on tv...i'll have to keep more of a lookout. been soooooooo busy lately, (hence my lack of posts!) but hopefully i'll see it soon. Nothing beats seeing it on tv!
  18. Happy Birthday Will! Have a great day, you deserve it!
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