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  1. lol!! that's crazy...i love it! :rofl:
  2. oh my god, this post has hit me so hard, i can't really think of much else to say. i just hope it's not true. :therain:
  3. i really like it! makes a change from his usual look!
  4. ok, he was on it on tuesday, so anyone who didn't see it watch the omnibus on sunday!!!
  5. wow!!! this is amazing, i'm soooooo happy for you brakes (even if i am a lil jealous too!!).
  6. wow, that was fantastic.....and it just reminded me how great that song really is! Great job Tim!!
  7. would LOVE to go, but i've just started uni and there's no way that i'll be able to afford it :therain:
  8. Well i occassionally see Southend play coz they're my local team, haven't seen them since they've been in the Championship tho. But my big team is West Ham (coz of the boyfriend, lol, he's a HUGE Hammers fan) and they're not doing too well at the mo, a bit dissappointing considering they did quite well last season and were in the FA cup final. Oh well, fingers crossed they start winning some games soon!
  9. Right, i dunno about you guys but i HAVE to have a Will calendar every year. Unfortunately i haven't been able to find one the past couple of years but there's this 2007 one on eBay!! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2007-WILL-SMITH-CALE...1QQcmdZViewItem there's still 4 left so get on there and get one!
  10. yeah i have this too, it's always so good to hear a different version!
  11. it's a soap set in the East End of London.....nothing glamorous!
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIA0XnxL06Y
  13. i never watched it on a regular basis but the episode i caught had him in it. :wiggle:
  14. they show the omnibus on sundays, but i watch it all the time so i'll let you know!
  15. This was in The Sun today!!! "Fans of 90s comedy The Fresh Prince of Bel Air are in for a shock - one of its stars is joining Eastenders. Joseph Marcell played butler Geoffrey in the sitcom that starred Will Smith. The 58-year-old has started filming for the soap as Patrick Truemans former bandmate and rival Aubrey." I can't wait!!!
  16. she's absolutely gorgeous, i'd give anything to have a figure like that!
  17. :worried: I'm really useless at this kinda stuff. I REALLY wanna know!
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdZNgBmvIMM fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. wow, i really like this Jonny! Well done!! I just love the simplicity, it makes it more effective :2thumbs:
  20. this is crazy!! i definately have this bit on my tape of the bbc one tho. Sorry Jonny!
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