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  1. Wow 200 member in just a couple of days.. can't tell me there isn't a demand for a new album!! Romano did a great job on that video gets me hype.
  2. Just signed up i'm gonna ask a friend of mind to since i've noticed they became a fan on his page.. i hope the word gets out and will see's how much people love his music to!!
  3. MARIAH CAREY ft DA BRAT- 4 Real 4 Real E=MC2
  4. Maybe he'll notice our petition for a new album if he puts up more vids of him playing golf haha!.. i think it'll be cool to mintion how dope lost and found was.
  5. Mariah Carey - I Want to Know what love is
  6. Happy Blated bday bart5 hope u had a great one!
  7. Very Cool idea tim!! i'm ready to sign now!!!
  8. Opening day is going to be crazy!! man i can't wait to see this!
  9. BEASTIE BOYS - Three Mc's and One DJ Hello Nasty (1998)
  10. Batman and the TMNT movies are mine.. especially the first batman and watching the turtles on the big screen for the first time was huge!
  11. I asked TVshowsondvd .com's facebook page last night if we'll ever see Fresh Prince seasons 5 and 6 ever and got this respond from them. TVSHOWSONDVD.COM Facebook page. ''Sorry Antione. this is one that i actually plan to put on our ''what's the hold up? faq at some point in the near future. Like American Dreams and Crossing Jordan and WKRP (all ready mentioned there). the hold up is music cost vs sales of already released sets. The most recent Fresh Prince seasons didn't sell well enough to cover the cost of licensing music for the next releases. We know the studio would prefer to finish it off (it's WILL SMITH, after all). they haven't figured out a way to make the numbers work yet,''
  12. QUEEN LATIFAH - Long Ass Week Persona (2009)
  13. I miss those days you couldn't turn on the radio without hearing jiggy, miami or just the two of us.. BWS just blew up.
  14. WOW time flies.. reading those old post got me hyped again i want that feelin again like something big is coming from JJFP... besides from mariah's new album i'm not excited about anything else music wise.
  15. Stone Cold Steve Austin theme Wrestlemania's on tonight!!
  16. Man i can't wait to here the rest of this album.. awesome remake!.
  17. Love those old school JJFP pics thanks!
  18. WILL SMITH + JILL SCOTT - The Rain Willennium (1999)
  19. AWESOME!... i wish i could see them live i gotta watch the Fan Mail tour again hope their albums come out i've been waiting on that Chilli album.
  20. I'm a huge latifah fan but yeah this isn't the album i was hoping for.. i love the light great opening track had that on repeat i want a straight up hip hop album from the QUEEN!
  21. DMC + REV RUN - Come 2 Gether Checks Thugs and Rock N Roll (2006) Love this track!!
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