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  1. I still love the stuttering part of BOOM!
  2. Yeah it's hard to believe 25 years... i hope he still has atleast one more album in him we need something to celebrate his years in the game! And rerelease all the JJFP albums remastered with rare stuff and bonus material.
  3. MARIAH CAREY - Dream lover Watching my Adventures of Mimi DVD I need to see MC live someday i hope she does a tour with the new album.
  4. RUN DMC ft. Everlast - Take The Money And Run Crown Royal (2001)
  5. Heavy D & The Boyz - Nuttin' But Love Heavy Hits (2000) been in that mood lately
  6. Happy BDAY Brakes!!! have a great one.. and congrats again on the album man!
  7. Heavy D & The Boyz -Mr. Big Stuff Iwant a hip hop album from HEV!!
  8. HAHA!! i loved it when shaq called chris jericho ''christina'' and big show ''fat boy''!!
  9. Man Phil Nash is sick wit it!!. sounds real good with jeff i'd like to see a Phil track on jeff's next album!
  10. I'm not a house fan but if it's got jeff's style to it i might have to check it.
  11. I can't see anything either i wonder whats going on!?
  12. New Super Mario Bros Wii is on my wish list for christmas. looks like DJ Hero's going on there to and i just pre ordered TMNT Smash Up going to be a fun holiday season this year.
  13. I'm still bumed out i missed those JJFP dvd's Tim was selling i'd love to see that sky's the limit performance. was that song ever released on anything?
  14. SWEET!! I saw a demo of the game at E3 it's looks like a lot of fun with the turntable controler.. can't wait to see jeff in the game!
  15. I hope they do a third one.. Bad Boys is at the top of my fav Will movies.
  16. Salt N Pepa Heavy D & the Boyz Kris Kross M C Hammer Naughty By Nature And defo, RUN DMC.
  17. Happy Birthday Julie have fun!!
  18. MARIAH CAREY - Secret Love ThE Emancipation of Mimi Japan Bonus Track (2005)
  19. Yeah it ain't been the same since The Rock left.. i'm a John Cena fan and all but i really wish The Rock had stayed a little longer I'm a Huge Triple H fan him and HBK need to get DX back together and take on legacy!
  20. Real Hip Hop.. glad to see the Beastie's back.
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