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  1. I'm still bumed out i missed those JJFP dvd's Tim was selling i'd love to see that sky's the limit performance. was that song ever released on anything?
  2. SWEET!! I saw a demo of the game at E3 it's looks like a lot of fun with the turntable controler.. can't wait to see jeff in the game!
  3. I hope they do a third one.. Bad Boys is at the top of my fav Will movies.
  4. Salt N Pepa Heavy D & the Boyz Kris Kross M C Hammer Naughty By Nature And defo, RUN DMC.
  5. Happy Birthday Julie have fun!!
  6. MARIAH CAREY - Secret Love ThE Emancipation of Mimi Japan Bonus Track (2005)
  7. Yeah it ain't been the same since The Rock left.. i'm a John Cena fan and all but i really wish The Rock had stayed a little longer I'm a Huge Triple H fan him and HBK need to get DX back together and take on legacy!
  8. Real Hip Hop.. glad to see the Beastie's back.
  9. Looks nice real nice!
  10. You like my chorus lol!!.. i had to say it that was hilarious. I'm right with you AJ.. Exit 13 left me wanting more musically.
  11. Hey Welcome to the boards Sherlock!! If you like the first few episodes of FPOBA your in for a treat with the rest... especialy when you get to the third season!
  12. JAZZY JEFF & FRESH PRINCE - A Dog Is A Dog Homebase (1991)
  13. LL COOL J - You Better Watch Me Exit 13 (2008)
  14. WOW i never seen that original version on cd before!!... hey Big Wille is the track listening the same as the 88'version?
  15. I Go to quit a few but here's my favs www. facebook.com (i'm hooked to lol!) www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com (i seem to come here alot) www.wwe.com (i gotta keep up on their live events so i'll be ready to get my tickets had a blast at RAW in atlanta) www.amazon.com (they have some great deals on music and tv shows sometimes) www.tvshowsondvd.com (holding on to hope to see FPOBA S5 on the coming soon list) www.mariahdaily.com www.gamespot.com www.tmnt25.com (the turtles 25anniversary site cant't wait for the new movie 2011!!)
  16. Thank you guys!! Ale i just wanted to get the jump on yours a few months early we tight like that lol!!!
  17. Alvin and the Chipmunks - Coast 2 Coast Original Soundtrack (2007)
  18. RUN DMC - King Of Rock Live At Montreux 2001 (2007)
  19. Happy Birthday dude!!.. i'm gonna rock some K-os today for ya that remix album is dope!!
  20. I've been listening to the album all last week.. the whole album is just dope but right now i'm really feelin ''Daddy's Own Self'' i can really relate to that Awesome track and ''Bringing It Back'' and ''Hip Hop Loving just a great job on the whole album!!
  21. KRIS KROSS - It's A Shame (Playing The Game Mix) The Best Of 92,94,96 Remixed (1996)
  22. SALT N PEPA - Upside Down (Round and Round) Space Jam (1996)
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