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  1. Bart Simpson + DJ Jazzy Jeff - Deep Deep Trouble The Simpsons Sing The Blues (1990)
  2. Nice now this needs to be played on radio.
  3. Nice find thanks!! can always count on YO! to give props to real hip hop!! And totally agree with you AJ.. Fresh Prince ain't done yet!!
  4. You and me both Romano.. or atleast keep us updated.
  5. Love those pics JJFP HEV and Biz dope!.. where was that at?
  6. Summertime will always be JJFP's most recognisable song because it's just timeless.. but i guess Jiggy will be his most successfull cause it went to #1 Big Willie Style was a huge comeback album.
  7. MICHAEL JACKSON - Working Day And Night Off The Wall Remastered (2001)
  8. Nice man.. everytime i listen to this it cracks me up!!
  9. JACKSON 5 - Blame It On The Boogie The Ultimate Collection (2006)
  10. Kid 'N Play - Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody Face The Nation (1991)
  11. Happy Birthday man enjoy it!!!
  12. RUN DMC - Walk This Way Live from Montreux 2001 (2007)
  13. Every network had to have a stupid reality show that's what killed all the good family sitcoms the last good one was The Bernie Mac Show.
  14. Awww Man!!... i miss those day watching FPOBA and In The House wasn't a big Blossom fan but i caught a few epsodes.. can't beat 90's tv classics! And where's the In The House dvd sets!?
  15. We all know parents won the first rap grammy but i had to go with SNP.. push it was hot when it came out!!
  16. I still love the stuttering part of BOOM!
  17. Yeah it's hard to believe 25 years... i hope he still has atleast one more album in him we need something to celebrate his years in the game! And rerelease all the JJFP albums remastered with rare stuff and bonus material.
  18. MARIAH CAREY - Dream lover Watching my Adventures of Mimi DVD I need to see MC live someday i hope she does a tour with the new album.
  19. RUN DMC ft. Everlast - Take The Money And Run Crown Royal (2001)
  20. Heavy D & The Boyz - Nuttin' But Love Heavy Hits (2000) been in that mood lately
  21. Happy BDAY Brakes!!! have a great one.. and congrats again on the album man!
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