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  1. Can't wait to get this album heard the preview on jeff's youtube a while ago wish there were more artist but not mad at all with Dayne and Rhymefest
  2. Mariah's My Queen!! Daydream is such a classic album! Always be my Baby stayed on repeat!
  3. Thank you guys!! Feels like i'm back with Family! ^^
  4. I Feel really mixed on this on one hand i want the show to be left alone! Everything doesn't need a remake to much of that going on! and on the other hand Will's heavily involved so for me it's going to be a wait and see!
  5. LOL! Julie! ^^ and Thanks Visqo Brother! i almost forgot my dang password i was freaking out for a while! ^^ and Yeah i just heard and i lost my ish on that song!
  6. Love to see some vets featured with some new cats and just another dope album from THE MAGNIFICENT
  7. Hi Everyone! i'm back i missed being here so much! life ain't no joke sometimes though! hope you guys been doing well! i've been getting back having some time for stuff again listening to alot of Dayne Jordan! That Brother is THE TRUTH!
  8. Hey you guys sorry i haven't been on here as much as i want to long story short my laptop got stolen and now i need a new one sucks!! .. thank u guys for the birthday wishes had a great one miss y'all c u soon.
  9. Wow that's a huge logo love to have that on a shirt and a hat!!
  10. Thanx for those vids Ale classic performances i miss the arsenio hall show love a dvd full of interviews and performances.
  11. What the hell FP's back in the studio again and with the neptunes i hope this is real i really need a new album from the Fresh Prince!!
  12. Yay it's finally out!! 1 more season to go hope its out by the end of the year anybody got it yet i've asked for it for my birthday.
  13. Finally Yesss!!!! i can not wait i don't expect any special features but who cares!!
  14. Mariah Carey - Up Out My Face (Remix) Memoirs Remix album (2010)
  15. LIMP BIZKIT - Ful Nelson Chocholate starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water (200) I'm in that kinda mood right now!! i love ths album when it came out to.
  16. Hammer is one of my fav to AJ.. to this day i just love the energy he brung to the stage amazing performer.
  17. Always keeping hope alive a JJFP album is in the works just straight up Will and jeff.. can't wait for the last of The Magnificent series TROTM was amazing if the new album sounds just as good or even better it's going to be incredible!!. I've been looking forward to that rhymefest project hope that's on the way and i'd love to here another track with Kel.
  18. THE CHIPETTES - Hot N Cold The Squeakuel (2009) Hope everyone is somewhere warm it is freezin cold out there!!
  19. Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!
  20. He deserves time off just to chill with his family he's the man in hollywood.. i just hope music is in the works to.
  21. The Chipettes - So What The Squeakuel (2009)
  22. MARIAH CAREY - Joy To The World Merry Christmas (1994)
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