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  1. I thought the show was good.. and to be put together like that at such a short time loved Jamie Foxx he is the man i agree his moonwalk wasn't that good but his outfit was on point... i never was a ne-yo fan but he did an excellent job his ''Lady Of My Life' and the ''I'll Be There'' with jamie was dope that boy can sang lol!! seeing BBD and Teven Campbell again was a nice suprise Jay Z new joint was good the only downside for me was the Drake and lil wane performances uuugghh!! And i also loved the Shanneneh and Wanda scene Jamie and Martin Lawrence did just hilariouse!
  2. It doesn't bother me if some people laugh if you say you like Will Smith music.. just like Romano said some just know'' Men In Black'' and ''Jiggy'' and never listen to his albums.
  3. Musiq SoulChild ft Kel Spencer - Buddy (Remix)
  4. MICHAEL JACKSON - Man In The Mirror This one has been on repeat today I Love This Song!!
  5. Thanks for that Ale!! i miss soul train!
  6. My fav, MJ Songs 1 Jam - Love the video to Michael Jackson and Jordan in the same video WHAT!!.. and i fliped when i saw Kris Kross in the video. 2 You Rock My World 3 Smooth Criminal 4 Bad 5 I Want You Back Jackson 5 6 Scream Albums 1 Dangerous - My first MJ album 2 Invinceble 3 Thriller - What else is there to be said but CLASSIC!! 4 Bad
  7. I was just looking for that myself AJ if you have limewire they have it.
  8. I still can't beleive this is true.. i don't want it to be true it just doesn't seem real... R.I.P TO THE GREATEST MJ!
  9. Mariah Carey ft Mystical - Don't Stop (Funkin 4 Jamaica) Glitter (2001)
  10. Man she really need to get over this and move on already!
  11. Four song titles from.. Memoirs, Obsessed H.A.T.E.U'' Candy Bling The Impossible
  12. Just give me... Men In Black 3 or Bad Boys 3 and an album.. or a track on jeff's next one.
  13. QUAD CITY DJ'S - Work Baby Work (The Prep) Get On Up And Dace (1996)
  14. I'll be picking up my Yes! it's your's Remix bundle next week.. and i can't wait to pick it up!
  15. Love the video thanks Romano!! FP may not be that good a beatboxer but i love how he incorporates that in his shows.
  16. Mariah Carey - Obsessed i've been listening to this all day!!
  17. Mariah Daily.com Press Release; Mariah Carey puts finishing touches on her New Album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel for August 25 Release Obsessed,'' first new single pick - goes to radio on June 16th, Written and produced by Mariah, The Dream and Tricky Stewart ''The first single from my new album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel is called ''Obsessed'' and will be at radio next Teusday, I'm a lil exc... Seriously this is on of my favorite songs ever. I love the whole album. I'm completely immersed in it. I can't wait for you to hear it. LY''- Mariah Carey on Twitter.
  18. Aww man Alfanzo is hilarious ''She's funny very talented actress... coocoo!!'' lol
  19. Kris Kross ft Supercat - Alright (Humps for your Trunk Mix)
  20. 2 of my fav Will tracks is The Rain and Block Party both of those songs should've been made into videos.. just awesome tracks!!
  21. That live 8 show is defo, one of my fav performances along with the live dvd.
  22. It'll be interesting if the Magic can pull of a win tonight.. i just don't see it happening kobe's coming with it tonight!! you could tell he was upset with himself last game. I got lakers to win in 6
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