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  1. Nice job man i love that track may have to pop in the movie today.
  2. Man tatyana looks beutiful as always i'm glad she's kept busy but where's the album.
  3. Puffy Ami Yumi - Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Show Theme Music From The Series (2004) Don't laugh i used to love this cartoon!
  4. Man i'd love an Arsenio Hall show dvd full of intervews and performances a 3 disc set would be nice.
  5. Congratz my friend!!.. long overdue hope you have much success i still need to get my physical copy of clean but still street sign it for me when you blow up!
  6. Shows currently running Wwe Monday Night Raw Wwe Friday Night Smackdown TNA Impact ( I love my wrestling) The Simpsons Ghost Hunters Run's House When it's on ( the only reason i watch mtv now) All time fav shows Sanford and Son, FPOBA, In Living Color, Alf, Tiny Toon Adventures, Martin, Married With Children, Bernie Mac Show ( The Mac Man tell it like it T-I-IS lol!)
  7. DJ Jazzy Jeff - For Da Love Of Da Game (Remix)
  8. Queen Latifah + Missy Elliott - Fast Car Persona (2009) Love the video for this track
  9. Great story man!!.. awesome pics to i have to see jeff spin some day i missed him a couple of years ago i need to see the Magnificent live!!
  10. Mariah Carey - H.A.T.E.U. Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (2009)
  11. I don't care what anybody says i believe there will be a new album and a tour it's just a matter of time.. it's good to here whenever they get together they talk about music i'll be happy with just one more album and a tour.
  12. I really hope will and tommy signs on for this nobody can play their roles it just won't be the same.
  13. MC Hammer - Addams Groove Happy Halloween Fam!!
  14. Incredible mix jeff did an awesome job putting this together!!
  15. Exellent dope interview.. i am so anxious to play dj hero is there a practice mode or a tutorial to help you get used to the controls? Aww man when he starts talking about him and will hooking back up and talking about music gets me hyped. will's movie fans hate it when jeff comes around and we hate when we here about another movie.
  16. Downloading now i'm gonna listen to this tonight when i have time.. can not wait!!
  17. Wow i had no idea the sites been around this long.. i found this site around 03 and by the time 05 came around and lost and found was coming i started to get hooked on this site then i joined the next year and i've been hooked ever since. I love that red and green 03 design
  18. lol Puffy getting kicked out.. give tlc they money
  19. I saw a He's the DJ shirt a while back.. i'd like to have that first shirt with the opening line to suummertime on there Tim's shirt still has the best design i think i just ordered one of jeff's shirts can't wait to get it
  20. Yeah that's what i thought she just gave up because she kept getting arested.
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