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  1. Yeah, I got that too. And I ended up not making it to the video shoot.
  2. Now that's true stepping up. But maybe he should do a meeting tour. I hope it isn't just the few "typical" rappers that get involved in these kinda things and other various figures who choose to speak out. It's obviously not going to be a one time thing. This first meeting needs to turn some heads right off the bat.
  3. It's about time he dropped the album. Seems like a perfect fit with 3 7s. Rakim seems to have always been clear of the game.
  4. The best "hard evidence" I can give you, and there is no debate about it whatsoever, is the way the music would make people feel. People used to play albums like crazy. Had songs that meant everything to them. Yeah, there was party music back in the day, but it was nothing of serious negativity or violence. And any hint of violence, there was a reason for it. Ice Cube pulled it off. (and Amerikkka'z Most Wanted won a grammy) NWA pulled it off (had "F*** The Police" and "Express Yourself". Public Enemy pulled it off. Too Short pulled it off. Ice T pulled it off. And of course the classic "The Message". Seems like the music has changed along with the technology. You had cassettes where you'd just play it thru, or to be patient to get to a certain song. With CDs, it was quicker. Now it's Ipods, MP3s, and the likes. I'm thinking now the artist themselves will be recycled to the point where it's one or two songs. If they take off with that, then it reverts to an album by this and that artist is because they did wonders with those one or two songs. I don't think there is any sure fire way to give you "hard evidence" other than that one where there is no doubt needed. Debates like this always seem to happen. It's always been that way with change since the beginning but we'll keep this relevant in means of Hip-Hop. The rhymes, the fashion, etc. Maybe the world is just getting too lazy to innovative/create or whatever to come up with something new. I mean, what's left or better yet the last few things to come about. Crunk Music, Snap Music, Chopped & Screwed, the jewerly, and there's probably a few others. I'm just sick of arguing or trying to put forth a draining effort. Give or take 5 years and just watch. Take heed. Let's see just how big of a deal Young Jeezy is. Or Chamillionaire, or Yung Joc, or Ciara, Nas, Kanye West, Talib Kweli, Lil Jon, Beyonce, or any new act on the verge. People that ride in there cars playing the radio, some mix cd, an actual cd, or any type of technology that can have music on it. The people you hang out with, or used to know. Myself, AJ, Julie, Tim, bigted, Turntable, you, everybody. Just watch. (you shouldn't ignore what Julie put up either. Even if you know it, you should still read a bit of it)
  5. I got this song a while ago. I just got curious and checked it out because I heard a Korn song or two, and Nas is one of my favs. Pretty nice joint.
  6. The reason AJ is saying your wrong lambert, is because hip hop got defined before you were even born. You can't just up and change history like that. Tupac could deny he wasn't gangsta music all he wants, but some of his songs were in fact that. His beef was beng pinpointed like that as only one thing. How bout all this bling? People rat on it, but Slick Rick did it up didn't he? So did Rakim. But their skill level went beyond that. Everybody is saying they're hustlers. They are "hustling" rap. So anything that happened beforehand doesn't matter to them. It's all about NOW and gettin' that money. That's the case for any kind of hustler. They don't care that people that did the very same thing got shot and killed, ended up in jail, or even cleaned up their ways. They wanna go thru that tunnel where at the end of it, ain't nothing but money. It's been said for years about the destruction of this genre. It was 60-40% bad-good, then 75-25%, now it's like 90-10%. I feel like we've always argued about the music. But now with where it's at, we appreciate what we once argued about? It's very frustrating to discuss this. Now of the very points AJ and everybody makes. If "Boom, Shake The Room" was a song nowadays. It would've just been an annoying "Boom, boom boom". With no rhythm or true change up. Same deal with the dances. The attitudes. I've got a niece who's 11 and she's not gonna know anything outside of what's on radio and tv. She herself barely messes with rap. I mean it feels kinda wrong to just sit back and say "well that's the way the game goes". It's a sad state of affairs, because we're getting more and more leeway and pushing it too far. I remember a bulletin Kel had posted about it (not only with the music, but life). And it was very true. A change is bound to happen. You can see it in the era of the music and everything else for that matter. The best we can do is live and do what we've doing. Support what we support.
  7. What time does is the video shoot happening? I thought I had saved what he sent. I'm actually trying to go know. So it's a toss up for me now.
  8. Of course Jeezy & Cam'ron aren't fighting for hip hop. "I Luv It". What does he love? Hundreds on the table. Twenty on the floor. And to answer Lambert's question, simply because he can. There's no law that says you have to like everything within everything.
  9. I already wrote the basic notes. I plan on going thru again to see if I pick up something in depth worth mentioning.
  10. Lambert, I gotta question for u. OK, guys like Mims, or Jeezy, Rick Ross, or whoever u listen to (that people on here would seem to agree aren't any good), what are their albums like as a whole? Lyrics, message, vibes they present, even their insert credits and pics? I'm not saying you're going to convert people to start listening to the likes, but I wanna see what points you can make off of their albums instead of singles. When I first saw the Chamillionaire vid, I didn't think much of him at all. Everybody was playing it (in cars, on phones, etc.) And then some random day, I check out his "The Sound of Revenge". Nobody influenced me. I just got curious. I'm proud to say I'm a Chamillionaire fan because I like what he does. There seemed to be a lil hint of everything in that one single. But he presented it in a way that everybody could vibe, and eventually did. (I apologize if I'm trying to sound like an expert. I'm just giving my take) The same thing happened to me with The Game, but I don't like what he has to offer anymore. I feel like he's a punk. NeYo was that way for me on the R&B side, but I'm a fan of his like Chamillionaire. So just because it's new doesn't necessarily mean it's bad, but you can't fault people for their opinions. And I'd like to throw this out there. I'm wouldn't be surprised if record labels aren't in fact trying to make a quick buck, but to eliminate "Hip Hop" (and by that I mean the urban music period - hip hop, rap, crunk, snap, etc. even tho you wouldn't categorize it like that) altogether. But then again, I'm sure if that was the case, they'd do it a lot faster.
  11. Yeah, "If" is a personal fav. I'm glad I was able to get everybody on the cd that I did. I don't think it could've worked out any better. Yeah, I've definitely came along way, but still got a lot to go. Glad u liked "Hip Hop Told Me Be Easy". I heard the original song Hot Rod "Be Easy" on tv one day, and I got that idea from Mary's chorus. That seemed like exactly where the game was at right now and what hip hop would be saying to us struggling artists and such. Like the attitudes artists been having and need to have. I handed out about 5 today. Hopefully, things pick up in the coming weeks.
  12. This should be quite interesting. I wonder how such a thing came about.
  13. Michael Fuqua I think everybody that has a facebook from here has pretty much already added each other.
  14. I don't think saying these 2000 whatever will roll of the tongue as nice either.
  15. I gotcha AJ. What file uploaded do u prefer? (I think yousendit might not work for me, but I'll try it.) So tell me an alternative. Or pm ur email and I'll send it that way.
  16. http://members.soundclick.com/shareImg/58738 - (CD Cover) http://members.soundclick.com/shareImg/58740 - (CD Insert) --------------------------------------------------------- Ok guys, my mix CD "Writer On The Block" is finally done. The past 2 weeks have been a bit stressful for me. I would've liked more songs, but I didn't wanna wait any longer. (I had my reasons) When it really came down to it, I just couldn't write anymore or freestyle. I needed a break. Maybe I need a day or two to ease up. So while I'm easing up, I'll promote it a bit. There's people online, there's people I see (and they'll see), etc. I feel like it's truly a step up. And I know it's not a true classic. But there's a full on honesty about the cd. I take on a bit of different styles. I got just a lil bit vocals on a couple tracks. I'm not gonna give away any more than that. But if you peep, you may be surprised by some things. :1-say-yes: There's songs you've heard, and haven't heard. I don't know where my route is gonna go, but it's an overall journey I think I'll feel good about. I will truly take to heart what some of your opinions or advice may be. (and I don't mean cry and pout about it) I mean think it thru on how to use the best of my creativeness, writing skill, delivery, vibe, rhythm, etc. If you can't get the zip file, I'll have all the songs up at soundclick later today or this week. Writer On The Block (The Free Mix CD)
  17. I always laughed at the one where Jada slapped him, and just how he'd use these large words. "Man, do you guys read?!?, Look it up" They probably should've had a segment to go along before one of Will's vids.
  18. Yeah, in reference to Mims saying "I could sell a million saying nothing on the track". That's very ironic. One, because we all wish he would say nothing on the track. And two, because in true sense, the beat is what's gonna "sell him a million". Yeah, Ted we should have the radio back. Or do another music podcast. Or better yet, actually do this Community Album. Hopefully, this small instance grows.
  19. When I searched for the title, most of it came up "Tonya Mitchell".
  20. It's also at Concept's myspace. I listened to it a few times while at work. I was a bit worried how Concept would be, but he did a good job. You did your parts a lil different than I probably would've. Your flow was ok on "Two Words", but it was a few hints off from how I anticipated. But other that that, all was pretty much good. I might put it on my mixtape (probably should). If I do, bet that I address it. And this is a fair warning, "Writer On The Block" is gonna be a true artistic step up. And you can bet that too. btw, Concept, I will give your album a "real" review. With me not having a cd player anymore, my access to sit and relax ain't as easy. Plus, I been on my own cd too, but watch, I'll try to deliver what I can to help you out like I've been by others.
  21. DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - Homebase (1991) and then... A.B.C. (aka Another Bad Creation) - Coolin' At The Playground (1991) yep, it's gonna feel like '91 today. haha.
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