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  1. [quote=Prince,May 19 2004, 11:43 AM]Pretty dope... I take it that this was written to be performed against the original Summertime beats?[/quote] When U say against, do u mean tryin out do FP? IF so, nope. BUt usin dat beat? then yes. No, I'm not usin all their beats. I'm usin the remix one. It's like 5:49 or somethin. A lot of the beats of theirs that I have, R ones I looped myself. And their rappable. Regardless, I'm definitely gonna make it a dope mix down.
  2. This is the 1st verse 4 Summertime '04 on my mix disc. It'z gonna be so dope. I was gonna have feat.s but it looks like it would be best on my own. Here it is, a '91 groove transformed Wit lyrics by F-u-Q, in da '04 Speakin bout topics U can ride 2, topics U can vibe 2 Layin down tracks that other rappers R afraid 2 do Don't matter, just let the base, take over da place Got a variety of flows, this summer gives U a taste that face the tongue wit pleasure, just 2 hard 2 measure Thru-out the dayz and nites I rit, I alwayz get better Clever wit the knowledge as I put it on page Boppin ya head, ya likin the way this disc's made It'z obvious, ya likin the way that I rhyme 8-2-86, I was born in the Summertime This song has been complete and here are the 2nd and 3rd verses. The Live Studio Cut is at Soundclick. I will make a link later. _________________ Finally everybody in school gets released Chillin everyday, and feelin the vibes when we peace Increased the heat, regain relieve as we ride thru the street Shake the ground as the speakers boom the beat So many different things 2 do, the decisions up 2 U Relax on ya own, or hang wit ya crew Make plans 2 hit the beach and walk on the sands Had so much fun, next year, U wanna do it again Stay in the house to cool down, if it's air conditioned Or hit the courts and play some basketball wit the competition Cook-outs around the block, don't want the party 2 stop Goes on thru the after hours, 4get the clock When this season get equipped, relationships come around Everybody's actions, U know how it'z goin down The guys will dress fly practicin pick-up lines 4 the girls that look fine in the Summertime _ Get busy workin, try 2 make some money Create music that's 4 my homies and the honeys Make U feel good, it's like ya livin it up Props toward this record, best be givin it up The special get 2gethers, hang out on the porch Conversations random, ain't a natural choice Just a natural voice, while old school plays in the backround Talk about where we could've been and where we're at now Days like this, U sit back and reminisce of people that U'd like 2 see, U really miss Some cars cruise past ya, some go a lil faster Once again somebody's boomin a bass they gotta blast up Sun lines fade, the whole street's shade Cd stops 2, got a new one 2 be played Stay out, until it gets pretty late out Feels so good takin the good ol' town routes Headin 2 the house while the host cleans theirs Party wore ya out, so ya headin up stairs Bout 2 go 2 sleep, glad ya ended ya week enjoyin ya self at the top of ya peak Let the fans breeze air when the nights R humid If the sheets make ya hot, better remove em One last look at the clock, relieved then ya sigh Atmosphere of ya room makes ya close ya eyes The sky will change and temperatures rearrange but the emotion is all the same Just kickin it, wit love and happiness The Summertime is still the same ol' madness _______ Now whatcha think of the final product?
  3. Hey guys, I need help wit my computer's typing. It'z slow, and it never use to be. DOes any1 know what I need to update it to? IT will come up, jsut takes a while. And it shouldn't.
  4. Sorry, but guys this is fake. Their is no Will & 2pac. It was all a joke by hitemup.com/
  5. Yes. anyone can. But not everyone should. Like me, I've got the talent and the drive.(which is building quite well.) It seems like hip hop is now "da bs drop". I'll put some of my lyrics up sometime.
  6. Yeah. That's great news. That may be just what we need 2 feel the essence of hip hop again.
  7. Very good freestyle. I Liked it, especially the end. And yes JJFP will rinse the gmae themselves, and wit the talent they get.
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