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  1. What is a 5 cent word to describe this rhyme? - HOT. Tim you've got amazing wordplay every time I see you post something. "pain seeps through and penetrates hate peeps through your inner state reflected inward is a deeper state a coccoon of emotions shelled at a higher rate" - Truth. "pulled out of the inner eye, is that where they truly lie luckless life where demons reside and thrive before you die minds spinning from this dizzy ride left to wonder why" - That's deep "its nothing new and sad but true the closer you head for eventual death you begin to care less and less " - Something that makes ya go whoa. Simply because truth just slapped you in the face. I read that verse again and seen that title. That was creative. Do you ever plan on recording something Tim?
  2. Haha. You don't even know the half of it. Some people hit me up. Some people, I hit up. "He got the streets on fire!" - Dave Chappelle
  3. Yeah, I know what you mean bart. I used to not listen to stuff like this. But I learned to appreciate it. J Dilla has the best example for me. Stuff like that can be hard on your ears, but to think outside the box, that's something. Madlib is kinda crazy as a producer, but I check out more of his beats. He's quite cool. Me, I love Kweli. And I heard Funny Money like crazy. It was awesome hearing it live too. I play this cd no problem. I love it. Soul Music, is like the perfect jam anthem for any true musician. Happy Home was really cool. Got an insight to Kweli's life. I love this album. I don't think there's any other way to say it. I know if I play it too much tho, I'll get tired of it.
  4. Brakes, you already commented. But I can take another. haha "Cool, cuz I don't get upset."
  5. What didn't do it for you bart5? I'd honestly like to know.
  6. I didn't see this earlier. Does this mean KRS is coming with a new album? Or is it just a random collab track? Chamillionaire - Void In My Life (Instrumental)
  7. "I’m a sucker for love with no backbone A home is just a house when the love is gone I’m counting my blessings and learning my lessons While we fade away like intersections We wane be lovers but don’t know what romance is Ready for the long run but don’t know what the plan is" - Absolutely awesome. Period. "My eyes are red and my cheeks feel wet Cause you like a metaphor…you hard to get" - please explain that 1st line to me. That 2nd was nice. Good usage. "I laugh and I cry, live and I die While this life is passing me by I’m breaking the rules and paying my dues Making my moves, try walking a day in my shoes I’m covered with sadness and blackness Cause life doesn’t look too attractive The matter of fact is, I’m affected By my love you rejected, neglected So I’m taking this feeling and eject it Cause I tried but failed to perfect it" - The flow is killer dope. Nice switch up with how you wrote it We should get a FuQ & Tinus reunion in the future, cause you stuff is sharper since the last time.
  8. Some b-side tape back in '95... Sinister, Ja Rule, Jay-Z, & DMX - "Time 2 Build"
  9. Man Joe, "The Rain" is something special. I mean, your flow would have to totally flip with the right beat. You could be rappin' like Chamillionaire did on "Ridin' Dirty", or Bone Thugs N Harmony, or Twista. Or get a slower more sensual beat, and vibe this one thru. I did it to Coldplay's Clocks (yeah, that's right lol). It was more faster that I think you could settle for, but this would be a nice song to hear. It would cool as an interlude verse. Just that verse alone does the song right. There's nothing wrong with writing grimy like that. You just have to have the right experiences/understandings.
  10. Thanks again guys. Turntable, u might need to sign up as a listener. Shouldn't need to, maybe just try again. Joe, it's cool man. You could've took months. Song isn't going anywhere for a while.
  11. I haven't heard of 22 of these names. But, I've heard the other 19. Seeing all these names, and their bits of success makes me feel better about Hip Hop has a whole culture. There is endless knowledge that fans of the culture can acquire. It's nice to read up on things like this.
  12. I was up at 4 in the morning, listening to this album. It took me 3 times to get it. Only 9 tracks, I was kinda disappointed. Considering the size, I thought there was more songs, but wow. Both of these guys are amazing. Madlib really deserves a lot of created for this "collab album" trend he's started. Him and J Dilla, Dangermouse and MF Doom, "The Grey Album", Gnarls Barkley (Dangermouse & Cee-Lo), etc. This is probably one of the albums that anybody of any age would like to play, anytime of the day.
  13. Ah man. I don't think I've got more music at one time. This is gonna be hype.
  14. Talib Kweli, Rakim, Nas continues, somebody on the R&B side that we haven't seen in real long time (SWV is back together, so what's the hold up, or Aaron Hall, maybe R.Kelly will shock the world again), Chamillionaire, Da Brakes, Kel Spencer, myself (just to see how I advance), hopefully BigTed (we'll get crackin' on that soon dawg!), I'd like to see some alternative rock or ballads come back up and around (every once and while my ear will drift to it, I miss that), I'd like to see a "Mixtape" put together of all artists we lost in recent years made in 2007. That would be hype. I can just imagine the most awesome mixes. There are some DJs that are crazy blenders. We can't forget about LL Cool J. And I'd like to see 50 Cent come out with just one more album. I mean just so it sticks that he realizes his career won't be "it" anymore. And there's one more person I forgot, Ms. Jean Grae. Actually the whole Blacksmith Label.
  15. Talib Kweli - A Game (The Beautiful Struggle - 2004)
  16. Thanks a lot fellas. All your feedback was just what I was aiming for.
  17. It was only a matter of time. He's spreading slowly but surely.
  18. - Graduated college and got my associate's degree in Business Administration - Accounting - Went to a Talib Kweli concert - made really good friends with someone in college I didn't really talk to in high school - made unbelieveable friends with a young woman in college, yet had a mishap of us possibly gettin' together - struggled in helping my brother thru his divorce - found new confidences in me I didn't utilize before - found new inspirations from a variety of people and music
  19. I must not know how album sales work. But anyway, it's not surprising. If it didn't go No.1 and did really, then there is probably something truly wrong. I'll get my hands on this album sooner or later. I could very easily download it, but I'll wait. I've never downloaded a Nas album, even in pieces.
  20. Kel Spencer - The Building (Final Version)
  21. "Cause my love for music keeps me alive So others can see my spirit thrive" - I like that. Lyrics wasn't half bad. It'd be good as some kind of anthem. What Will song was it off of? I really liked that poem too. You used some good words.
  22. Kanye West feat. Talib Kweli & Common - Get Em High
  23. Nice holiday spirit to share with that one.
  24. I finished recording this song earlier tonight, and figured I'd let some peeps for it come about. I plan on doing a remix, just to a different beat and slight variation. FuQ's Soundclick Music Page (or just hit the sig links) "Love Me" (produced by MC2B) Written Dec. 8, 2006 - Dec. 22, 2006 -------------------------------------------------------------- For the longest time I wanted u, ever since grade school/ Havin' faith in the beauty that would emerge from u/ Trustin' the dues we'd have from a friendship/ Better connection than that of a ho and her pimp/ Was I forcin' it?, make u not wanna choose from it/ or did u finally see real love, get scared, and start runnin'?/ I dont blame u, for the simple fact I'm not going to/ but dont portray us like everything is soft and smooth/ I missed U when I probably shouldn't/ and I would've tracked ya down, but i knew i couldn't/ cuz I was waitin' for this moment to honestly come/ Otherwise, I would've righteously Lost One/ Ya touch had me buggin' over, rest my chin on ya shoulder/ as u grasp me just as tight, couldn't have been any closer/ Fall deep in each other's eyes, cuz it's more inside/ Conversate for couple hours, catch up on our lives/ Vibes playin', music & memories the momentor/ What I feel for U, something I'm glad to return to sender/ Ready to enter, we start with a kiss/ but I wonder how ya feelin', excuse me miss/ CHORUS (I'm gon' love you boy) Now how can I believe it when it don't sound like the truth (I been longing for U) I gues you would, since you held out, long overdue (Wanna feel ya touchin') I can tell babygirl by the way U buggin' (Love Me) do just that and make you say (ooh baby) Let us continue, cuz we both know what we been thru/ And u already know I won't be played a fool/ I'm smooth with it, catch how the other ladies get it/ I'm a full body clincher, not just an in-her incher/ I feel the beats like braille in the atmosphere/ Both ya heart and the music, reactin' clear, yeah!/ Baby girl, let me start with the shoes/ Would u mind if for a lil bit I freestyle my moves/ cuz how I do, is kinetic, eclectic/ each body part is a section, but it's all one message/ Ur beautiful, suitable to the needs of any man/ but I'm the one U best connect wit, and really understand/ Hands are clutchin', I want U that much and/ picture like waves of the water and grains of the sand/ It's physical and mental game, all in the same/ Playaz do it the wrong way, and it's such a shame/ U won't let it plummet, and let just anybody drum it/ Let's keep with the honesty, honey won't ya follow me/ So amazin', I made it thru ya maze and/ U can change the path, but I'll still run it, whatcha think baby?/ CHORUS (just take me away) and make ya feel things that U ain't think was possible/ The difference between serious sex and those that just wanna knock u/ and drop u, instead of tryna interlock wit u/ The glare in ya eyes, like the North Star guide above us/ Tell each other, we belong together as lovers/ Once we're finished, I wonder if her thoughts diminish/ She got the last words, and I'm just gonna listen/
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