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  1. A lot of great music has come from Philly. They should do one big album like that. Or a DJ (preferably Jeff) mix "The Best of Philly Sounds".
  2. I'm sure with all this technology, they'll eventually make a language and accent tune converter. That could help your career Brakes. You'll be as famous as T-Pain for your voice alterings
  3. I saw it on BET yesterday. Although I don't get into Method Man and Redman on the regular, I respect these guys craft and how they put it down. Redman's reasoning about the whole 90s feel was straight on. He said something like "We kept ourselves boxed in to a certain feel for the record. We didn't wanna do the autotune and all that." I'll definitely be peeping this album when it's out.
  4. E! True Hollywood Story has always been pretty good. Will was on there too. I have and read LL's book also. It'll be nice to relive his career and life in full.
  5. I saw it early this morning. Total crap. I couldn't even get into the lyrics. I don't think Kim Karadashian's booty is something to joke about. Ray J trying to find true love on reality tv was enough. Now, if he would've made jokes about the state of hip hop, that's something.
  6. Well, fate rests with the North Carolina Tar Heels. They all came back for that one thing, and I knew they'd get it. The first year I saw Hansbrough I said "They're gonna won at least one with him", and they did. Each year, they got closer and closer. Plus, I heard Michigan State could be in the same boat next year because they'll have a really good returning group of players.
  7. Hey Turntable, any feedback from the site where you posted it yet?
  8. Will could be 98 and still walk into a studio with swagger and have the look of dropping knowledge on the mic.
  9. :susel[1]: lol. I know, I know. But I really am winding down. I'm just gonna make it count, big time. Giving my best efforts beyond belief. That's all I'll say.
  10. The Bills. The Bills, The Bills. Wow. I turned on ESPN, and this is what I saw. My brother is a Bills fan, and I'm wondering what he'll think. Maybe it will work. The AFC tends to be different then NFC in overall feel. If this is no different, what kind of talk is TO going to do in Buffalo? This should be very interesting.
  11. I figured I'd go ahead and post my lyrics too. I've always done it that way, so why not. Feb. 15, 2009 (6:00pm) - March 1, 2009 (7:48pm) See my greatness in hindsight Refreshing conquest, drink fame like Sprite, lemon & limelight Sweet, see haters defeat; take sour, give them the power Pressure exists regardless, so be confident or cower I’ll be the best by designs that I know hieroglyphical page thoughts, decipher what my mind flows Bare witness, the naked truth as I rap to U while others have on boxers or briefs in the booth The proof is in the workmanship, not the purchase Let true craft find its purpose and surface I’ve appealed to all walks of life, left them astounded Change their perception of hip hop, and how it sounded By my way of actions, I’m peaking the top totem and told them all, no way I could be done better Not statin’ claims, just my history of existence how it’s written, come test me if you can get it ...Be the champion to land one, knockout blows Leave em froze to the likes of what Antarctica know My skills are degrees serparated, six galaxies only aligning with others who choose to see my Fresh, Understanding, or Quality Learn to connect and respect how it outta be Undisputed by doing or undisputed what’s done whether competition or not, I shall be #1
  12. AJ, I truly know how you feel when you look over your life and feel right, but want to do better. There's just so much going on with everybody. AJ, you're DA MAN. Wherever you go. On this forum or in the real world. Whoever you're around. I don't know the best way to tell you you're a strong individual and great person other than to say it. I just hope you keep giving your best efforts living thru each day.
  13. Yeah, we can go ahead promote. I was actually gonna wait til I was all the way done with my album, but I guess I owe the world a new track to tide over til then. http://www.myspace.com/mikefuq http://www.soundclick.com/fuq
  14. I saw a comment that said "Will is smooth even when he messes up." I think that says it all. Now we need to decode what 'Boom Goes The Dynamite'. If they ever make a Napoleon Dynamite 2, that should be the tag line.
  15. I'm halfway done with my verses. Putting forth my best efforts.
  16. Brakes we can just split it. A verse each, and go 8 & 8 on the last
  17. Nirvana - "All Apologies" (Unplugged in New York)
  18. Collabing with Brakes sounds cool. Vipa, send it to me too or Brakes can do it. Even if I wouldn't rap over this, I'd still love to listen to it and enjoy it.
  19. Of course, Da Brakes has to get an exclusive pass to everything. :fencing: Unbelieveable. GENIUS. What all did you sample? It took me awhile to think of the beat. I've heard it many many times when listening to QB's Finest "Street Glory" (one of my favorites on the album). I have the cd, and don't see any liner notes of sampling, but I think they might have. 5 Star beat. Two thumbs up. And if all fingers were thumbs, it'd be 10 up. x 10
  20. I saw the video the other day, and again not to long ago on youtube. I know people hate on 50, but the song and video is dope. Yes I said it, "Dope". I really like it. Perhaps 50 should take more notes on great things and people the world has scene.
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