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  1. Before this is official set, I wanna reason how the rules will be. Battlers have a MAX Time Limit 3 days each for their verses. Battlers will pick and choose their own beat. (You wanna use the same, go ahead. You wanna flip it more to fit your own style, go ahead.) Other than that, the default rules that was set in the 1st Audio Battle will follow. (16 lines Max) I can't close topics. Somebody else (Brakes or Schnazz I assume) will have to do it.
  2. Sure, I can do that. As long as you don't mind the change, since you tend to run it.
  3. Could somebody be kind enough to provide an alternate link? I think hearing this will help me understand Brakes music better and where he's coming from.
  4. I know, I'm gettin' impatient myself. It's Jan 07, and still no Eardrum. I hope at the latest, it drops in March. Along with March Madness, and him reppin' the Big Ten in a commercial. Talib Kweli feat. J. Sands (of Lone Catalysts) - In The Mood
  5. Why don't we do this battle more officially, like a tournament, and everybody actually gets a rank as to where they enter? If we only have 7, it can be set up, where the lowest gets a bye.
  6. U know Sonic, I am very scared for you now. Reason is because Da Brakes said he'd have to kill whoever he told that too. Did anybody else get the 'you need to log in' mess?
  7. Talib Kweli feat. Free - Can't Wait [The Beautiful Mixtape]
  8. Kel Spencer - Stupid [Produced by Ariel B.]
  9. "Hayyy!!!!" [produced by Ariel B] - Slick 23, QB, & Kel Spencer yeah, gimme a couple days. I'm doin' some diggin'. This was on some Indiana mixtape.
  10. How soon we forget. Nas was doing a "Unauthorized Biography of KRS-One", like he did with Rakim. He said it would be on his next album, and we haven't seen sight of it. Over the last few years, or even probably the whole time they knew each other in their careers, they've been decently tight in talking to each other when they could. It's called respect. If KRS was anything sneaky and greedy, he'd be capitalizing and adding his name to the "Hip Hop Is Dead" controversy.
  11. I agree with everything except the part about the labels doing the leaking. They would NEVER do that, it's like cutting their own throats! Believe me, there are Music Industry Anarchists EVERYWHERE! You'd be surprised at how many of us there are who remember well the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, and who long to bring about a renaissance! :pony: Yeah, labels don't exactly leak stuff, but how do you explain this... (the whole thing with DJ Drama) Source: from the myspace blog of Wise Intelligent (from the Poor Righteous Teachers) ------------------------------------------------------------ An Intelligent Response to all this DRAMA... **Please read DJ Drama's sister (Aishah Shahidah Simmons) breakdown on this whole ****ed up situation**..:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> 30 Strong And A Gun To His Head…Pay Attention? http://www.allhiphop.com/editorial/?ID=337 INTELLIGENTNEWZNET INFORMING the HIP-HOP COMMUNITY An Intelligent Response to all this DRAMA… DJ Drama's sister summed the **** up best. From Murder Ink to the Aphilliates America continues to prove its disdain for the Blackman regardless of his occupation. Regardles to if you are Bob Johnson of BET or O.G. Bobby Johnson of American gangster Dom, Bobby McFerrin or Bobby Digital, if you are Black, Hispanic or any other member of the poor and oppressed, Bobby they HATE YOU! Major record companies facilitate, perpetuate and benefit greatly from the mixtape DJ and his/her profession. These major labels supply the mix DJ with exclusive (never released or heard) tracks from artists on their rosters as a part of their marketing strategy. The mixtape DJ is apart of the labels marketing budget and campaign. DJ Drama is no different from Freeway Rick Ross, he's being used by Major labels to distribute their product (music) in the hoods of America so that they can make millions of dollars off this "illegal" action and never be penalized for it; leaving DJ Drama and other hip-hop DJ's as scape-goats to be painted as the "kingpins" of "bootlegging" or "racketeering" and conveniently made the targets of the RIAA's bull**** war on "racketeering!" Just like the CIA used Rick Ross to distribute their product (crack-cocaine) in the hoods of ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />America so that they could make millions of dollars off this illegal action and never be penalized. Again, leaving Rick Ross and other black youth in America's inner-cities as scape-goats to be painted as the "kingpins" or "drug-lords" of the drug trade and conveniently made the targets of the DEA's bull**** "war on hoods" I mean "drugs!" Why haven't they raided the offices of the ITunes and the CIA with guns drawn and confiscated all of the spoils that they have attained from selling all of this music and drugs? (I know, I know…don't answer that...I'm just thinking out loud) WISE INTELLIGENT Proper Education Always Counters Exploitation 2007 IS THE YEAR OF SOLUTIONS AND SUCCESS! -----------------------------------------------------------------
  12. I'm just gonna say, we could've been arguing about this months ago.
  13. Right there with you on those thoughts you expressed.
  14. If anyone calls anybody out of name to that extreme, I am officially done with this forum. A couple laughs, a few jokes, a serious discussion, but that would be too much.
  15. I take it almost as a compliment, when someone says I must smoke some good stuff to come up with the rhymes that I do. :lol:
  16. What do you mean your gonna "use it"? Do you plan on recording something? Yeah, that's a cool jam, but the original is from Luniz "I Got 5 On It" back in 94-95. And even further back, in the 80s "Why You Treat Me So Bad". I forget the name of the band. Talib Kweli - Raise The Bar
  17. It did the same thing to me Wes. I checked them out. Here's my review after a one time listen. Kel bringin' them as only he can. "Hip Hop Story" - Kel goes into a Reggae/Jamacian delivery in and out the song and points out all of hip hop's and r&b music's most recognizeable deaths. (2pac, Biggie, Jam Master Jay, Left-Eye, Aaliyah, Big Pun, etc.) "Y'all Love It" - A lift offa Yung Joc's "I Love It".
  18. Uh oh! Yeah. Heading to his page right now.
  19. I don't get this. The song is about uplifting the human race, and one of the guys that tries to do it, you tear down. :daveuidiot: This is a cold society boy. If you only knew why I do what I do, you'd totally understand where my mind's at. :2thumbs:
  20. Won't that be encouraging him?
  21. Of course not! *looks to his left* Did I say that? *looks to the right* Did I say that? hey, I had a chance to met Mary J a few years ago myself. I seen her, but I didn't introduce myself. I'm already laid back and on natural highs. I don't need her. :lol:
  22. Is it just me, or are people finding the forum to mean less to us? I think there is a person to blame here. *coughs cough* And speaking of Wes being a "punk", didn't anybody else notice him 'meeting mary jane'? I personally have no problem with that, but I don't think the rest of the JJFP fam will take to kindly to that.
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