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  1. FuQ & Neyo - Because of You (Remix) I think I did a fairly nice job.
  2. I'm not outgoing enough to be at his video shoot, don't know how I would get there (as in who would take me), and I have no true "club attire" (I think).
  3. Chamillionaire - The Mixtape Messiah pt. 2
  4. Which Rich Boy or Polow Da Don beat is it? Or did they produce it for him? I'm guessin' they didn't. He jacked em, which is obvious by the apology. When he said Rich Boy in the email, I instantly thought of "Throw Some Dz".
  5. Kel Spencer - Rookie of The Year (Freestyle) Exclusive just got this!
  6. It's a good and sound full verse. I'm not too big on Biggie lyrics, but I know enough to se where you went with it. I think it could be a regular as if you was one of Biggie's homeboys, like the LOX or something, but a few notches below. "The first one beeing proud screaming moma I made it He'll allways be one of the greatest, still all good baby, baby" - Not the best lines in your verse but it well get people in it. "I know you'r up there chillin' with God, looking down on us busta's In the name of Hip Hop, Homie we'll allways love ya.. " - I'm guessin' you've heard the LOX 'We'll Always Love Big Poppa'? Cuz that would fit right along with it, since you ended it like that.
  7. I never knew they made a video for "Hit Em High". Definitely could've made a video for just about any song on Space Jam.
  8. The opening was a beat odd for me, but I could feel where you could go. It's definitely sounds pretty good. I think you should add a lil hint of something at the part where the verses would happen. The last second of every other line or something like that. I didn't really hear any flaw. It'd just be a matter of prefence by the listening ear.
  9. Ah, don't even get me started on that soundtrack. Perfect in every way. I'd jam out to that shootin' hoops. I even loved Bugs Bunny's rap. That's probably Jay-Z's best ghostwritten track. My brother lost my tape a couple years ago, and I was so mad. I could chill to it, ball to it, and it inspired my first rap from outta nowhere. Luckily, my mom still has the cd. Yeah, AJ your so right to rant, where are the soundtracks like that? I don't think there's ever really been a full sounding soundtrack. And the music actually went with the movie. Now, soundtrack songs seem to be no better than radio, or the music is so bad, people actually pull out older hits.
  10. I thought about it. Actually this song was really difficult for me to write. I had to watch how far I wanted to take this, so I guess if the shoe fits, somebody will surely wear it. I didn't really have names in mind. I just had images. There's so many of the same videos, there's no point in getting specifics as to who did what song. Some punk high school kid wanted to collab with me, and is down with all that "negative stuff". Gangsters on myspace is very real. Anyways, thanks for you guys continuing to check me out. I'm glad I can stay with it.
  11. Yeah AJ. That song is pretty cool. The video is hot. NeYo - Because of You I finally heard this song. Wow. I can't stop playing it. Looks like NeYo has got another nice album on his hands.
  12. Thanks Luigie & Concept. Btw, I'm never online? Ha! Well, just in case, msg me on myspace.
  13. I recently recorded a new song titled "The Wrong Side". The beat is produced by MC2B. We're working on a collab album. Right now, we're about 7 tracks deep. I'm also putting this track on my Mix CD "Writer On The Block". Everything I'm doing right now is turning out fairly well, even though I've got a couple path stallers. Anyway, enjoy this track. I added a lil 'something' to it. Feb. 16-27, 2007 Welcome to the wrong side, when it can take lives and promised futures of lil girls & lil guys Cold hearts that wanna hammers, get evil eyes with color coded Take a serious offense if the innocent stand up cuz they suppose to man up for they boys that can't keep them outta handcuffs U real tough rider, but ain't no McGuyer for the fate ya get, can't always be that select few of survivors It's either R-I-P or J-A-I-L and walkin' this earth is proclaimed a living hell A bad perception, so a neutral zone sell ya weapons Phat protection, everything out ya window ain't a blessin' I seen the hard side, and it was fake right? Tryna take on that Tupac role within my life What it took to get game was experience Hope the next batch of youngstas realize it ain't serious CHORUS Watch when they draw the line Some people cross it and know they on the wrong side A way of life, survival of the fittest right? To look for trouble and get ya-self in a fight Lock & load, throw some heavy blows U don't see it, concrete invincible And U thought U can't be touched from the big screen to ya small world, U livin' it up Plush bustas, U half steppin' Scared of real life and the right message U on the wrong side If U pull the gat, when U ever find the time to rap Got big money all a sudden cuz U sellin crack Corporate suits takin' chances, U do ya corny dances Land one on the billboard, grammy nominee not more hard at least since Amerikkka'z, gangsta music that was above the standards of today, they claimin they hustlers anyway I betcha they been thru the loopholes, know how to get they cd sold all that background **** about the industry wannabes don't know I can see why they say "You'll never make it" Cuz even if U signed, spittin rhymes, it's not by definition that U take it Label powers take U for everything U can do U a fool and think U dictate ya dues Wearin' jewels, bustin' gats, snatchin' hoes & blowin' out backs Self-proclaimed kingpins all over the map Talkin' illegitimate Even if it's real for U, it's still senseless Y'all in a box, easy with the pick of the same litter Lazy suckers, compared to us worker emcees who are bitter U can say it's a quick buck, but it's never enuff Feel like U wanna erupt on the world & straight bust! CHORUS U brought a demise to the kids eyes towards they're parents U so drunk and high that the **** ain't real apparent U thinkin' I'm writing these lyrics just to feel a 3rd verse? and to except the fact that things are gettin' even worse? then a lot of things shouldn't have changed in our history Y'all punks won't prosper, U ain't leaders or with consistency U write rhymes like a 1st grade book Ya choruses rated R, but they preschool level hooks Video vixens, some of em tricked into trickin' others doin what they think they have to, but ain't into strippin' U still goin get it, cuz ya lusts incontrollable and makin' bad decisions, like U think that's what ya suppose to do Stop frontin', U are a fake hood Glorifying negativity, cuz it's too damn cool and U think U should Some people get them lives handed to em and gotta survive and U just goin in it cuz U ain't widin' ya eyes ----------------------------------------------------- - Peace!
  14. OK, that's it. Where in the heck does this forum stand when it comes to reppin' Will and Jeff? Let Jeff's album come out first and enjoy some months by itself. We obviously can't get an album together to help promote it. So we get a release from Jeff, then a month or longer later, one from us "The Fans", and podcasts and all that until Will's next album. Or whatever happens. Some ideas... - We have a legit, no mistakes DJ blend some words by JJFP of their different songs. - Have clips from Podcasts - A selection of tracks that have been most influential to this forum (Switch, Tell Me Why, Lost & Found, Summertime, etc. etc.) - A couple rarites - People's remixes (that are actually any good) - Audio clips from live shows - A collage of peoples pics with Will and/or Jeff - Include links to other stuff (the JJFP t-shirt, Jeff's new album, Will's latest album, etc.) - People doing homage songs to Jeff - Get things of what other people have said about Will or Jeff (positive & negative, obviously what will be, will actually counteract what was said) The possibilites are endless really. But everybody that gets involved in this project has to truly serious and give their best possible effort. Maybe Tim can sell it off the site. Or let it live up to be a "non-profit project". And 2008 seems like a fair release year. 20 years to "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper". And 'We're The Fans'. We either do it, or we don't. Period. So....
  15. What kind of music would you put this too? There aren't really lyrics like this anymore on the popular music side like there was way back in the days.
  16. Click here to add Flo Blitz on Myspace I got a msg on my facebook that Flo has a myspace. If you support 3rd Power, add him.
  17. Yeah, same thing here in the Pittsburgh area on our radio AJ. Although, I must admit it's a bit funny hearing something like "Go Getta", "This Is Why I'm Hot", etc. then hear Robin Thicke. And then back to that 'other' stuff.
  18. What was the significance of him being in the video? Maybe he just happened to be there. it was nice to spot him though.
  19. Robin Thicke is da man. He's actually getting spins on radios and plays on tv now. It's only fitting. Maybe this can turn labels around as to what audiences wanna hear.
  20. I have been sleeping too long. This cd is a must cop.
  21. You may have trouble finding a fitting beat. Probably something so slow, an R&B singer could be on it, but you're still able to rap to it. But if you wanna rap like Twista or somebody like that, that's what could be the case. As much multis as you used, you could break the lines in half. Your verses would double, but whatever works for you. Anyway, this song is very much together. There's a lot of lines that can relate to your audience to make them feel the same. "Where was u when I was down? My hearts lying on the ground with no sound No beating because no love was found, I try and call for u but you’re never around"
  22. You already know I'm at least caring to check it out.
  23. "People gettin controlled by the system No freedom of speech cause they take it like you dissin em" - I like how you put that form of truth. You need to follow the rules or else you will be tardy if you do this then life will never come handy - The flow of the idea isn't together. You associate 'tardy' with 'lateness'. That should be somewhere relevant in that line, because that's obviously the rule your talking about breaking. Or point out some other effect that comes from not following the rules. "but you need to keep ya head up high and stay stong and if things start gettin out of hand for so long" - This can should really cool with a nice rhythm in how you say it. As you write more and more, you should be sharper with your thought process and putting it together. The topic is of great value, but the rhymes are too short to express a full idea. All that matters at the end of the day, is that you got to thinking. That's good for your mind.
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