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  1. Jean Grae - Grae's Anatomy (a 20 track mix i put together)
  2. All I say, is find the right people to do justice. Nick Cannon, Chamillionaire could, Nas, Heavy D (who will probably be honored down the road), Lupe Fiasco, Rhymefest, etc. Somebody that comes close to JJFP in one way or another. Of course they'd have their own spin a lil bit. But just like most of the segments this year, the original artists should do a number. Jeff will get to the Honors no problem. It's Will we need to drag there.
  3. I don't like movie remakes. It's too risky of a screw up. I totally agree with Kev about Jackie Chan bein' Mr. Miyagi. Even if they make him look old. Leave the classics alone please. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory was fine the 1st time. And so is The Karate Kid.
  4. Looks like your spreading like wildfire Brakes. It's only a matter of time before you're taking buddy-buddy pics with Will. You already got Jeff 2 or 3 times. Good luck with 'Breathe'.
  5. So maybe the KS we should be looking at isn't K Smith, it's Kel Spencer? I could've known about Kel from the "Uhhh" when my nephew had the cd, but I didn't. Take away this site knowing and promoting about him, and I wouldn't. Eventually, he'd have to pop up. Just looking at his career is something special. All that progress. And he's actually been gaining momentum before '99. Performing at the president's inaugural ball is impressive, when you don't have a deal. I don't care what sound Kel comes with as long as he's who he truly wants to be in his music. And with that, I doubt disappointment.
  6. Jay-Z back again? I was just listening to Blueprint the past 2 days. I was actually gonna sell that album til I really listened to it and decided to keep it. I don't know if Jay-Z should really come out with a new album, at least this soon. Ah well, let the rumor mill get to churning.
  7. 50 Cent's excuse... The label. Or maybe he'll say, it's only week 1. Or maybe, my fans aren't rich enough to buy my album. Well, if it is in fact the end for 50, you had a nice catalog Curtis Jackson. I've got all the 50 Cent I'll ever need.
  8. "What’s the difference between a man and a monster It’s like being a free agent and being ****ed by a sponsor" - I really liked those lines. "But I don’t give a answer, I lay right down your side" - In continuing the idea of the verse's lines, I'd change it up. Take out the 'but I don't give an answer' and put something else in. Becuz techinically, you did give an answer what the difference between a man and a monster is. Just a subtle thing you can fix. "I’m not pressuring you, u full grown with a good home But a good man u had girl u was better of being alone" - I don't get those lines. If 'she' had a good man, why is it better for her to be alone? "...worse than a bullet going thru Ur brain Maybe love is the reason why Van Gough went insane" - Liked these lines particularly as well. You done way better with stuff before this. Slowly getting back into the groove of things apparently. And yeah, rework the chorus. Maybe something like... "I got an angel in my eyes/ walkin this earth but came from the skies/ I got an angel in my eyes/ Love her so much, want her part of my life/" Just rework it.
  9. I guess cuz he's got the money, thanks to 50 and the other artists who sampled "Top Billin".
  10. Well, he is the "real" Fresh Prince in a way. He seems to mean that since FPOBA wasn't a true story, his life compared to that sitcom. I hope not too true. Can we imagine Will with that James Avery look? "Big, bald, and hunger"
  11. 50 Cent feat. Audio Two - I Get Money (Official Remix) and Milk D actually drops a verse.
  12. I "TRIED" to get IT. The Greatest Rapper Alive since the greatest rapper retired. Just because you release 20 mixtapes a month, you are the greatest. Well, somebody do 21 or something. What kind of arguments come out of people's mouths when they say Lil Wayne is the best? However, I sorta do like his song "I Feel Like Dying". His rap is about drugs, and he raps lines like he's on drugs, so that's why I can "sorta like it". hmm. Maybe I'm crazy.
  13. LL Cool J - I Need Love MC Lyte - Eyes Are The Soul, When In Love SWV - Weak, Right Here (Human Nature Remix) Rakim - What's On Your Mind
  14. Well, this helps me feel good about getting Chamillionaire's cd. So no questions there anymore. And AJ, Jagged Edge is coming out on the 11th? I thought they weren't releasing tell the 25th?? I know I'm picking that up no doubt as well. I love all of JE's releases overall, especially since this whole cd is suppose to be slow songs. btw Bob, I feel ya on the Penn State. I had no doubt Penn State would beat Notre Dame like that. I really hope Penn State has the biggest year possible. They just may be the best overall team in the Big Ten this year.
  15. A Tribe Called Quest - Bonita Applebum (Remix)
  16. Now that sounds like something quite promising for Hip Hop. Common is doing it up, and this just may be what Q-Tip needs to get something out and pumping. People had been waiting for his one album forever. Before they even officially come out, some DJ out there needs to blend & mix Common and Q-Tip (include Tribe Called Quest) material. That itself would be dope just to get everyone anticipating it.
  17. That makes what u said seem ever so true. But when I was watching the Chamillionaire Mixtape Messiah 3 DVD, he mentioned how the muisc would be dumbed down and what not, and how those very artists you're criticizing are a lot more "smarter" behind the scenes (talking about politics and whatnot). They just feel they have to carry a certain image 24/7. And I believe him. It seems evident in this one interview I was reading about Young Jeezy in XXL. (i had picked it up cuz Nas was on the cover) I could totally get with most of his "business ideas", and not just on a music level. But the music comes off totally different. And I was thinking, should we really say "Hip Hop is dead" if it's not on tv or radio anymore one day? It was alive thru the people before "Rapper's Delight". Maybe it will just be within communities like when it started. The Bronx just knew about it, and now the world does. We're all on different levels of knowledge about hip hop. If you're in college and you know calculus, are you gonna criticize a 3rd grade who only knows basic multiplication? That's just what it feels like to me sometimes. There is just so much to this hip hop, it's a rather intriguing discussion.
  18. My biggest question is IF in fact hip hop is no more like Disco was, where does this thing called music go from here?
  19. Ah ok, well you better be tellin' them that.
  20. Hmm. Hey Brakes, with a title like that for a song I don't think you wanna tell those ladies are audition for this video. Because the only booty shakin you may get is them walking out the door. haha.
  21. Hey Bob if you producer, when can we hear some of your skills? Maybe we could hook up a song or two?
  22. What was the answer to that one? (cuz it's gonna take me forever to listen to it) And that seems like quite an interesting sign, cuz nowadays it's all who the hottest to collab with. hmm.
  23. 50 Cent - Material Girl 2000 (Power of A Dollar)
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