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  1. Yeah, I remember this. I guess it was suppose to jump off like Arena Football. I don't think a lot of people really remember it, especially wishin' it would come back on tv.
  2. I thought he changed the "Ladies...Who Is Kel Spencer?" to "Live On The Air". He was gonna have people call in about stuff, and MC Lyte questions him, and we have great music from him in the process. (The Building, Absolutely Fabulous, It's A Shame, etc.) And then there is the documentary DVD, and of course he possible addition exposer on Musiq Soulchild's new album.
  3. Thanks guys. Hope to hear something new from ya Concept. And Brakes, why can't you freestyle? I thought you did in those videos down in Miami and them islands?
  4. Yeah, that was fun to see it be said. I remember when I first got Game's album, I played it no problem. Then after a while when I would play it again, I couldn't quite stomach it. Seems like he's still doing so on "Doctor's Advocate" a lil bit. Al; this Dr. Dre talk, and I don't see him nowhere.
  5. I don't think we'll see an album til 2008 at least. Kel is one busy guy. Maybe he's taking after Will too much. It's all in due time. And I know what you mean Ted, I keep the profanity to a minimum. If anything, it's once or twice in a song, and not even that serious. As a result, I've gotten a respect from a wider age group towards hip hop, at least mine anyway. But let's keep it Kel. Hopefully, "My Buddy" will be on Musiq's album. You know how one minute, they say it is, and the next minute, it's not allowed to be.
  6. Yeah, Kel's one artist I really like a lot. A lot of different artists have been keys into my finding my own style. Like 2pac raps from his gut, Kel for his dynamic delivery, Will for simple yet thought provoking lyrics, Kweli for his intellect packing, and just growth from all the artists who do so (not just rappers). Plus artists that "struggle" per se just like I do but on a different level and stay working hard. (Brakes, Jean Grae, Kel, etc.) And I sincerely mean that. There's obviously a lil something for everybody.
  7. Strong Arm Steady feat. Talib Kweli - On Site [blacksmith: The Movement (2006)]
  8. 3:20. That's weird. It said it uploaded the whole thing. I checked it, and the whole thing played. hmm.
  9. While we're on the subject of DVDing, what's a good upload program or site or whatever for them?
  10. Wow Ted. I was readin' this, and I liked how the lyrics tempo change up within the verses. "I know that I'll be able to make some an impact beyond feelin' like life's hell and shot" - Keep the positiveness, yeah! I didn't realize how many references there was until I kept reading. But I guess you did that keep the relevance to of how your thinkin' and people would know what you're talking about. The chorus did its job too. You kept the song together.
  11. FuQ - Seen It All (Freestyle 1) I've been busy working on new music and compiling my next project. I decided to kick a freestyle to one of Main Flow's (from the group Mood) beats. Song called "Seen It All". Really, I only slipped up a word one time. Everything else said is within reason. I'm always looking to improve on my freestyle capabilities. I'd appreciate your thoughts.
  12. Sounds awesome. Hopefully, this play does well.
  13. High Enough - Talib Kweli, Fonzworth Bentley, and Krondon Wow, Fonzworth is actually rippin' it. Beat is phat too. I love the singing vocals on the chorus too.
  14. They're nowhere to be found. But you can search for The Wilderness lyrics and view it as a cache page. He had posted them on his myspace blog and explained them. That's about it, but you can find loads of pages for "I'm Wanted", "Getting Closer", and "Uhhhh".
  15. Talib Kweli feat. John Legend - Young Man (produced by Kanye West) [Talib Kweli Presents - Blacksmith: The Movement]
  16. I thought about this myself too. It still kinda creeps in my mind, but just find the confidence in how you sound. Kweli is one of the 1st artists that come to my mind. I recently read somebody from another forum say they didn't like Krondon (From the Strong Arm Steady crew). I know UK emcees go thru it too. I think it's a norm of what sounds nice and what doesn't. The voices can vary just like the actual music, but again, if the confidence isn't there, you ain't gonna grasp too much of anybody no matter how your voice sounds.
  17. Talib Kweli Presents- Blacksmith: The Movement (2006) Talib Kweli - Blacksmith Intro (Produced by J. Dilla) I just got the mixtape. So hype!
  18. Yeah, I knew about like months ago, and didn't get it yet. Sad sad. I plan on picking it up.
  19. Yeah, I seen Stephen A talking about this last night. It's hard to imagine Iverson elsewhere, but wow, what a fit he would be for some of the teams that's been mentioned. When I heard him and C.Webb would be on the same team, I thought that would be a championship caliber team. Garnett and Iverson would be overdue if they never got a championship. But a lot of great players don't get one in their careers. I know there was maybe 2 other teams mentioned in addition to Minnesota and Denver. Stephen A brought about the LA Clippers and Atlanta Hawks (I think) for a quick minute. Minnesota seems to be the one with a lot of talk right now.
  20. That's definitely good to know. It's good that your finding success and fulfillment in what your doing. Obviously, if you stay with it, some even better things is likely to come.
  21. Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are... Black Star (album - 1998)
  22. Thanks Tim. When you say it's good, that only enhances the cd's creditibility. I'm even more sure I'm gonna get it now.
  23. 1. Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead 2. College Hoops 2K7 (Xbox) 3. Robin Thicke - The Evolution of Robin Thicke 4. Dave Chappelle's Block Party DVD 5. maybe a new mic and stuff for my computer
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