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  1. I hope you have just as much as luck and fun as I will. I'm performing on the 7th. I honestly don't think you should or will be worried because these are feel good songs and should get people going. You know em by heart, so that should make it a lot easier. Know em by heart, do em with heart.
  2. I think that's one of the tracks suppose to be on the mixtape. I can't wait til that cd is official available. Piakhan feat. Talib Kweli - Grow Up
  3. Both had their personal aspects in detail. You really can't say anything bad about stuff like this. It's just significant to share.
  4. haha, Julie. No evidence. What I got to say probably isn't too controversial, but... I SICK OF THESE STUPID SPAM POSTS ABOUT ETC CRAP!!!!!!!
  5. Black Star - Freestyle (some track off Soundbombing that i think was produced by the Beatnutz)
  6. Chamillionaire - Void In My Life, Outro Nas - War, Just A Moment, What Goes Around, Every Ghetto, My Country Talib Kweli - Around My Way, I Try, Beautiful Struggle Hip Hop For Respect EP Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - On Mission Jean Grae - The Wall These songs do it for me.
  7. I absolutely loved Chamillionaire's 1st album. The album has all types of tracks. If this is the tracklist, I think it has too many guest spots. Regardless, Chamillionaire won me over as an artist. btw, Ted, if your feelin' Chamillionaire's "Ridin", that's just the tip of the iceberg. Get "Void In My Life". After that, get any track from 'The Sound of Revenge'.
  8. That first verse made me think about the war and stuff. "Don't try to go around acting opposite Of the feelings that were known to represent" - Now that's what's up. I really liked these lines. "You could have all the hype in the world But not really be on top If you gotta constantly hurt others To run onto that spot You don't know the meaning of peace When you're not really at ease" - Abuse of the power and unawareness of the responsibility. "To gain something out of that situation Is to put more thoughts into next moves Or else that explanation will have a limitation" - Truth spoken. Makes ya think. That was a nice overall write. Some lines really grabbed me. What got you to writting this? I can see a couple pop of instances, but I'm wonderin' from you personally.
  9. Some studios are such a scene. Seeing something like that makes me appreciate the Hi-Techies of the world. Studio 1 of Edenstudios looks amazing. I'm sure in the future, they'll gladly open their doors to you. :2thumbs:
  10. http://www.theboom-boomroom.com Has anybody ever visited the site for this place and checked it out? It's pretty sweet, but I think there could be a better set of kitchen chairs. Will owns this place right? I know for a fact he's recorded there. I know you get out and about Tim. You ever been there? I'm curious to know who's all recorded there. I wouldn't be surprised by the list either. The place looks amazing.
  11. WOW! WOW WOW. Jeff Townes is a genius. This could be just the words every unsigned, lost hope artist could be told. This has created such a clearer picture that I've been tryna see for months. The unfortunate thing tho, is not everybody is gonna get to read this that needs it. I guess the ball is bounced your way when it's your time to handle it, and make a play. (bball talk :smart: :2thumbs:) I've got an even bigger respect for Jeff after reading this. Every bit of this has been a help.
  12. Although it's kinda hard to admit, that is exactly the answer that I must have been trying to find. How do you fix it? Slow down, ease up off putting so much pressure on yourself. I mean, sure you can try to help out, but some things you just might not be capable of doing. Like Ted has been saying time and time again here lately, focus on the positive things around you instead of the negative. I guess some things will work out and some things won't.
  13. This move is not from desperation It's basically a plot for the continity of life like this is a habitation - I know what you mean, definitely. I stand tall above the hating That's why I still have confidence that I could still win over your heart This is the reason to keep coming back There's no slack since I've met you at the start - I've felt that way sometimes but have been resisting the urges. I just hope your not going for her when all hope is basically long gone. If you can be happily with her, that's good. Just watch yourself. U know? Your a smart brotha, so I'm sure you'll figure out where you stand and what you want to do. "I don't know where this story will end I keep on searching to unlock the key to your heart so you'll let me in You've been quite hesitant That's why I take my time until you want to press the ignition It's a two way street, that's why I remain to compete It's up to you try to come halfway for me, really there's no more I guess I could do really I done it all already, if you don't want my in your life, I need somebody else that'll keep me to come back My love for god will always keep me on the tracks Just penning down more emotions will make me keep on the attack I would like to shout out Chingy for making me writing this rap I'm not your fan really but you spoke to my heart when I heard your song homie" - Your 3rd verse is powerful and touching. You can only feedback something like this so much. Your a talented writer and rightfully expressed yourself. I liked your use of words too.
  14. Ted, I've got MAD RESPECT for you sharin' that with us. I'm right there with you with this beautiful struggle we got in life. I've really been grasping to these postive instances that have popped up for me. But I get just as low as I get high. I can just imagine that sickness feeling you can have inside you when someone you look up to just does something that you can't seem to find any good in. That's got to be darn near unbearable. And you and I have yet another similarity, we both got inspired to write from LL Cool J. Just one line did it for me, one day in the summer. I can't believe you let a cry out. I admire you for that. There's been some times I wanted to cry, just to get it out and I couldn't do it. You know me and you can get on a personal level anytime, as we have in the past. So you hoped to inspire somebody who read what you posted, and you did--me. Thanks man.
  15. Hi-Tek feat. Piakhan & Big Del - No One Knows Her Name
  16. Ice Cube is one of those artists that will say something with thought, and then you can listen to it, and analyze in an even deeper, truer thought. No doubt PE is the same, as well as some other artists. btw, what Ice Cube said on "N.... Trapp" could be taken out of context. I really don't Ice Cube was takin a "negative" shot at Flav.
  17. Yep! I did not hesitate when I seen it. :lol:
  18. Really? I guess that's what I get for not playin the album enough. How often do you get at Chuck D Ted? Considerin' he's probably mad busy.
  19. What is that from Turntable? Or did you make that up? (just givin' u the benefit of the doubt) Well, you know New York is suppose to get her own show. So he'll make a cameo appearance? I don't know. I saw Flav on a "In Living Color" show bein a hype man for Heavy D. I really don't think Flav needs to do anymore TV--well "reality tv". With where Hip Hop and the world is possible going, PE could speak out to extremes again. I was too young to feel or understand that movement. They could be part of the "Final-You Can't Ignore It-Stand against bad hip hop music"
  20. I particularly remember the "Flamin' Hot" Doritos. We was in 3rd grade or so makin' bets on who could eat a whole mini bag w/o a drink. Believe it or not, some flavors jus ain't meant to be. Like Coca-Cola w/ Coffee. I drink Coke but no Coffee and tried it anyway. Yuck! I guess these big companies taste flavors over in other countries. Coca-Cola has like hundreds different flavor products. I forget the exact number, cuz I included it in my Sales report I did in high school. So, yes Doritos can do wrong. Anybody can really.
  21. Hip Hop For Respect EP (2000) The 41 shots still get referenced in songs. "8 times 5, plus 1 reach for ya wallet, they bust guns" - Kenn Starr "If" "Gave you 41 shots like Amadou" - Kel Spencer "It's A Shame"
  22. I saw the vid on BET's Access Granted. Pretty hype. This is just what I need to get me ready for Nas and really want the album.
  23. It said the download link was updated. Don't know what was up with that. Ash Trey, I've got or heard at least half of those you listed.
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