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  1. Sounds cool...Will and Queen are really close friends, he calls her "Dana" thats her real name.
  2. WOW! Will has his own stadium, the roof turns into a sun roof, homeade ice cream, and cookies fresh every hour....that is AWESOME!! Thanks for that!
  3. Thanks so much, that was very nice. Will would appreciate that!
  4. I didnt understand them but thanks for them anyway!
  5. Thanks for those! They were great...what was Will talking about when he said I wouldnt ruin that reputation about black men and then he said I'm gonna stop right there because my wife's in the back saying dont do that?
  6. Thanks you guys those were great! Will is soooo HOTT!! I wonder if Jada was with him?
  7. The People's Choice Awards airs tonight 9:00 pm (USA Eastern Time) I believe Will is nominated so he might be there...dont forget to watch! Good Luck, Will!! :2thumbs:
  8. The People's Choice Award airs tonight at 9:00 pm (USA Eastern Time) Please Don't forget to watch...I believe Will is nominated so he might be there! Good Luck Will!!! :2thumbs:
  9. Thanks so much for posting....they are thee best couple!
  10. Will deserves a break...he deserves time with his family and kids and his family and kids deserve time with him also. Once Will rests he will come back bigger and better!!!
  11. I know Will will get a star eventually...he's still young...be patient! haha!
  12. Even though I dont speak any of those languages (only english...haha) Thanks for posting them!!
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