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  1. That was mean to say Will is homophobic because he's not. Whoever said that was probably just jealous Will is in love with a beautiful woman...Jada of course! hehe!!
  2. 30 December 2005 THE LICK OF LOVE Kiki King, Eva Simpson And Caroline Hedley THE humour was definitely tongue in cheek as Will Smith played the fool yesterday with wife Jada Pinkett Smith in front of assembled paparazzi. They are enjoying a holiday with their children in the ski resort of Aspen, Colorado. All that Rocky Mountain snow seems to have gone to Will's head judging by his huge white baseball cap - plus, of course, the white ski jacket and top. The Smiths, who have been married eight years, decided a snogging session was the best way to keep warm. An onlooker said: "They were like a pair of love-struck teenagers as they puckered up. And in between the kisses, Will kept making her laugh." But next time you're Getting Jiggy Wit It, Will, just go inside... Source: Mirror Magazine (They are the cutest couple!!)
  3. Check 'em out: http://www.clasos.com/clasos/presenta_hist...categoria=news#
  4. she has a HUSBAND??!!! Looking the way she does??!!! LOL!! HAHA!!! :lolsign: :mygod: :lolsign:
  5. Who is Wendy Williams? What did she do to make Will mad? (In Mr. Nice Guy)
  6. New Year's Eve not only celebrates the leaving of the year (2005) and entering a new one (2006) but it's also the Wedding Anniversary of Will & Jada! So Happy New Year's to everyone and Happy Anniversary to Will & Jada...be safe and have fun!! :2thumbs: :yeah:
  7. New Year's Eve not only celebrates the last day of 2005 into "A new year: 2006" but it is also Will and Jada's Wedding Anniversary. This makes New Year's Eve extra *Special.* So to everyone Happy New Year's and to Will and Jada, Happy Anniversary!! (I know the post is one day early) :yeah:
  8. Thanks to all the people who were NICE about the whole thing....I'll keep posting and I'll get there eventually....
  9. I've been here for a long time and I'm still not an active member...its not fair I can't check out the stuff in the audio forum. I want to listen and look at the things in that forum also. :hmm: :stars: :shakehead:
  10. thePrince comment-HAHA! I wonder what Will thought about this whole ordeal!
  11. Jada Pinkett Smith would be my #1 pick, yes I know there would be controversary, but I would LOVE to see Will and Jada star in a movie together especially a romantic movie b/c they have great chemistry and the BEST couple in Hollywood!
  12. What do you think Jada will give Will? What do you think Will is going to get Jada? *Sorry to those who dont celebrate Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone!! :yeah:
  13. I really Hope Will will win. I hope we see Will and Jada too. I havn't seen them in a long time since he has been filming!! I can't wait! Tonite at 8 pm (USA eastern time)
  14. willjadafan, I love you picture of Will and Jada...its beautiful! I love seeing them together, they look very much in love!
  15. Great interview...what did the man say before he asked about Will's wife?
  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLOW!! I'm sure your Mommy and Daddy will SPOIL you!!!
  17. I was thinking about that too. But I bet Will loves his children equally. What parent could love one child more than the other. Will gets to spend extra time with Jaden since he is filming the movie...thats cool. So i bet jealousy, favorites, and all don't exist in the Smith household! Everybody is loved equally!!!
  18. Thanks soo much, I can't wait til the movie!!!!
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