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  1. whatever then. I'm just saying Will probably wouldn't appreciate you saying his wife's band sucks...but everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  2. You're mean and I dont think you should say that about Will Smith's wife's band...if you're going to be negative about Will, his wife, his family, or their projects...please leave! This isn't a place for negative stuff, its a place for FANS who SUPPORT!!!
  3. Thats too bad. Maybe there will be a song on the Pursuit if Happyness Soundtrack or on the soundtracks of his upcoming films...keep your hopes up...Will wont let his music fans down. (He ALWAYS says music is his first love, Acting pays the bills!!)
  4. Is that the same Tux Will wore for the Oscars?!?!?
  5. oh I see who you mean...i wonder if Jada was okay with Will kissing Eva Mendes off camera like that...? Thanks for posting!
  6. The All of Us episode was really good...not as bad as the press was making it out to be. Very appropriate!
  7. I dont understand what the pay or play contract means?!
  8. The interview is on the Today website...just type in Will's name. I just watched it on the internet...good interview! There was also one on Access Hollywood a few days ago.
  9. Will someone tape it and post it up here...I'll be at school. PLEASE someone tape it!!!
  10. Thats really cool, I hope there will be pictures!! Thanks for sharing!
  11. That's really cool Will and Jada are in Jerusalem...TheZone, I really enjoy your website...it is very nice and I look at it very often...please keep up the good work!!!
  12. Very interesting...thanks for that! I wonder why he's in Jerusalem!?!?
  13. Where can I watch the 1,000 kisses music video??
  14. Can anybody remember what Will said about Jada on Oprah last February, if you can, please let me know...I would appreciate it sooo much! Thanks!!
  15. I just read it, it was a very good article. Will and Jada are a very strong couple, and Will gives Jada so much confidence and comfort...their relationship is so beautiful. Whenever Jada needs help, Will is ALWAYS there!!
  16. Has anyone read the article on Jada? (It talks about Will saving Jada's life?) If so, please leave comments on this thread. Thanks!
  17. Will is nominated twice and Madagascar (jada) is nominated. Tune in at 8 pm (USA Eastern Time) to your local Nickelodion Channel. Good Luck Will!
  18. So is Will's wife Jada who he is happily married to!! (I wonder how she feels about him working with her?!)
  19. I bet he spoils Jada with all that money!!! They're so sweet!
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