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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. wow...jada and will's speeches to each other were very sweet and touching!! if u missed it, you have got to watch it...very nice tribute!!
  2. very nice interview...thanks!
  3. thanks for posting the scan...is there more of the interview?
  4. thats wonderful...keepin' my fingers crossed they both win!
  5. he was just playing around...its his son...he can do that...hahaha!
  6. thanks sooooo much....Willow and Jaden are sooo cute!!
  7. thanks everybody for all the links, pictures, reviews, interviews, and info!
  8. Jada Pinkett Smith will be a guest along with Mary J. Blige on the Tyra Banks Show this Friday, November 10th 2006. Check your local showtimes and listings! For more info go to: http://tyrashow.warnerbros.com/ Dont forget to watch!!
  9. thanks so much...jaden is so cute...there is also a clip under the Trailers/Clips section called "Five Dollars" I think...thanks MissAshley!
  10. wow...i cant wait...im sure willow will do great...have a little faith! : )
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