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  1. wow...will's house is very nice...yeah, while i was watching it, I was thinking Kyle is in big trouble!!!
  2. Just a reminder that MTV's VMA (Video Music Awards) airs live tonight at 8 pm USA Eastern Time on the MTV network channel!! Check it out!
  3. I think he cares more about the fans and pleasing the fans!!! So I think he doesn't really care as much about the sales as he does how we feel and think about what he's doing and I think he cares about what kind of message he's sending out!
  4. MissAshley, my auntie is like ur auntie...haha...she always tells me when Will or Jada is on tv or in a mag or something!
  5. If somebody comes across the whole interview, will you please post it because I cannot buy the magazine because my mom says its inappropriate for my age. : ( So will someone please post it!
  6. In this month's Redbook Magazine, Jada is on the cover and is interviewed...also are Redbook's website, there's a behind the scenes thing...so make sure you check it out!!
  7. This movie is going to be amazing, period.
  8. Thanks MissAshley...I still can't believe Jaden who just turned eight years old July 8th (I think) is starring in a movie opposite his Dad...that's unbelievabe...Can't wait to see his performance and look forward to seeing him in upcoming movies...Its awesome he's so talented at such an early age!!
  9. Thanks so much!! I'm SOOO EXCITED about this movie!!! I still can't believe Jaden is co-starring in a movie at only 7 yrs old!!! I bet Will and Jada are VERY proud of him....I hope that when the movie promotion starts Will and Jaden will be interviewed together! : )
  10. I agree the BET awards wasn't as good as last year...Damon Wayans wasn't a very good host at all...Will and Jada were SO MUCH BETTER!! Last year was SO MUCH BETTER period. I really hope to see Will and Jada host another awards ceremony sometime in the near future...they were soooo sweet to one another! : )
  11. I thought about Will as soon as I saw him!! LOL!
  12. I haven't seen Will or Jada yet...I don't think they are there. : (
  13. Just a reminder that the 2006 BET Awards will air live tomorrow, Tuesday, June 27th at 8 pm with red carpet special starting at 6 pm (USA Eastern Time). I dont know if Will and/or Jada will be there, but this is just a reminder incase you want to watch!!
  14. Happy Father's Day, Will! I know Jada and the kids made it a special one! I wonder what Jada and the kids did for Will on Father's Day?! LOL! Anyway, Just wanted to wish Will and everybody else a happy father's day! :gettinjiggywitit:
  15. I think it is good that people are recognizing how strong Will and Jada's marriage really is instead of the rumors and stuff.
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