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  1. Tomorrow at 8 pm eastern time....the Oscars will be aired Live. Will Smith is gonna presents an award so Jada will probably be there too....Dont forget to watch. Bye!
  2. I was soooo happy when I watched them take their rightful place as # 1 *Hottest* black couple!!! They are absolutely Gorgeous together!!!
  3. I absolutely *love* to see Will and Jada together...can't wait to see them together at the Oscars!!
  4. Thanks for that...Great News!! Can't wait to see him at a big event again....like the ACADEMY AWARDS!! (Oscars!!!)
  5. I wonder what Will did for Jada on Valentine's...probably something really sweet!! Anway, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO EVERYONE!!! :2thumbs:
  6. I love that house...I wonder what's on the inside!!
  7. Thanks for that! "Tell Me Why" will be a great music video! With Will Smith and Mary J. Blige responding to the 9/11 attacks (which is apart of US history)...this video will one of the best ever made!
  8. I wish they had a Will Smith Channel in the US!
  9. Thanks for the link and the article!
  10. Thanks for the pics! Do you think Jada has to clean the house or do you think they have housekeepers, butlers, and maids?
  11. Aw. Will deserves a GRAMMY!! I hope he still attends!
  12. Did Michael Jordan and his wife ever get a divorce? I thought I read they were thinking about it because they were having marital problems but did they ever actually get a divorce?
  13. Haha! Thanks for that...Jada was touring with her band Wicked Wisdom (Thats why she couldn't be there with him)
  14. Thanks for the pics and video! (Jada wasnt there because she was on tour with her band Wicked Wisdom)
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