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    thank god for jeff!

    At least ew have Jeff who we can't count on...
  3. Thanks a lot for this. Downloading right now.... :thumbsup:
  4. iceonly

    I am Legend Posters

    Well i was just searching around a bit and i found on IMDB a guy who made some really great poster for I am Legend. They are really just great the only thing is that he used some Will pics from I'robot. Still Fabulous
  5. iceonly

    Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Seasons 5 and 6

    Can anyone tell me if the FPOBA DVD have Portuguese subtitles??? Thanks for your help
  6. iceonly

    Wesley Snipes indicted for tax fraud

    "You don't want to mess with the IRS" ask Will about it... :paperbag:
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    Thaks for the article. Still disapointed with no JJFP reference....
  8. iceonly

    "Why I Gave Up On Hip-Hop?"

    Great Article... But there should have been a refference of JJFP....
  9. iceonly

    "Pursuit of Happyness"

    well it's kinda the only thing missing in his career, and as a personal goal i think an Oscar is of great importance... nevertheless making a great movie is always rewarding...
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    Yeah that's really strange, why push it back.... :noooo:
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    Hello, sort anoob here

    Welcome a board. :thumbsup:
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    FuQ - Letterz From The Past

    I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!! and you find out that liked you when you liked them but none of you guys did anything!!! that sucks i dont know if thats the case but it happened to both me and my friend. but overrall great rhyme as usual, good content. it rings true :yeahthat: yeah that is the worst thing to happen. when you only find out they liked you when it's too late....you'll keep up wondering what it would be like and that's what kills you... great rhymes... :thumbsup:
  13. Not good to hear... :shakehead:
  14. iceonly

    Will to star in I am legend

    The ppl at IMDb have a lot of location info about I am Legend. check it out. IMDB They have a lot of dates and locations where they are shooting the movie. So you NY ppl go out and search for Will. There is also one user who put out a video on youtube where Will is in the middle of the audience saying "Hi" to the ppl and shaking hands... YOUTUBE they have real good info abou the current locations... It must be great to live in NY right now... i'm so jelaous.... :paperbag:
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    well we are doing 50.000 posts a year, so by that i would say that in about 9 years well have to say goodbye. just kiddin' hope to have you with us for plenty of more years...
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    Yeah that's a great poem. I think everyone has felt this at least once in his life.... what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger...
  17. iceonly

    Faces Behind Post III

    Yeah... sad sad sad.... :therain:
  18. iceonly

    Ideas About Will's Next Album?

    The JJFP album could be released independently for the hip-hop heads with Jazzy producing about 80% of the album(Pete Rock, DJ Premiere, and Teddy Riley could get one track each) and the FP solo album could be released on Interscope for the commercial fans(the popular names like Timbo, Swizz Beats, Will.I.Am, and Neptunes doing all the production), that'd be the best way to do it, the way things are looking right now though FP being involved in an album in the near future looks uncertain but in the meantime we know one thing for certain, at least we got Jazzy's "Hip-Hop Forever 3" coming out tomorrow and "Return Of The Magnificent" to look forward to in the near future :yeahthat: :iagree: That are some really good ideas :thumbsup:
  19. iceonly

    DaAce - The Magnificent Mixtape!

    Just listening right now. Sounds great. Props...
  20. iceonly

    "Pursuit of Happyness"

    Everyone has goles in life and Will has his own aswell....
  21. iceonly

    Some nice new Tatyana pics

    Well how about these....
  22. iceonly

    How many time

    For me it's like 3 + times a day lately, but since i've got firefox always open, its also always on one of my tabs.... :bangcomp: Have a lot to keep up since i've been away for some long time...
  23. iceonly

    Ideas About Will's Next Album?

    Well i just leave the ideas about a new album to Will, and i hope he comes up with something more like JJ+FP. just listen to Jeff's calling...just 2 weeks.... :speaker1: :jazzy: :dj: :kool2: :woot: