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I dont want this MIB was awesome.. MIB2 sucked.. the whole fun is the setup and theyve already done that and repeated it in the sequel..unless they got back the original screenwriter, who wrote a script 2wice as good as the original, and got a didfferent director./. Will say No!

MIB was great movie... MIIB wasn't as good as the original, but was really funny... so why shouldn't they do MIIIB ?? It could be that it will be as good as the original... During the works on MIIB they had to change many things because they didn't have time anymore... probably MIIIB will be GREAT

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I dont want this MIB was awesome.. MIB2 sucked..

:word: The first MIB was a great, fun flick, but MIBII was one of the worst movies I ever went to see in the theatres. It wasn't even remotely funny. I'm still bitter I blew my money on it. :uhh: It's the Born to Reign of Will's movies. (not that I've seen all of Will's flicks...)

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aint it cool news is a reliable site, if it did come out i wouldnt mind, i would enjoy it, and for all who dont want it to come out, are you saying when it came out you would never go see it? i doubt that.

no it's just that after MIB2, there won't be as much hype for the movie. i would go see it, but i'd be afraid that it wouldn't be as good as my expectations for it are.

bottom line, Will should stop doin sequels (unless its bad boys 3) and do more different types of movies. me personally, i'm kinda sick of the whole alien/undercover agent thing! :lolsign:

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Guest Guest_fresh prince in jeans_*

i think MIB2 was nice but no half as good as the first..hope the next one would be a little more serius then the second

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I think, that with a GOOD story, MIIIB would work.

I can see it happening, but this is based on the writing.

It has to be more dark, more serious, it could be great if this time

the battle is on another universe, for example if tommy is being kidnapped by aliens for research and will is going after them, or if will and tommy go outer space etc. I can imagine some very great moments.

How many alien movies have been made where the story plays in another universe ? instead of the same old world.

With a good story, it has potential and I'll love it

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