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Men in Black back on duty


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According to a scooper for Aint it Cool, sunny-adorned alien busters Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are set to hit the creature-infested streets again for a "Men in Black 3".

Producer Walter Parkes ["The Island"] confirmed that the sequel is in the "planning phase" and that they're coaxing Sirs Jones and Smith back to the ghostbusting business.

In 2003, rumours surfaced that Barry Sonnenfeld, director of the first two "Men in Black" movies, and Producer Parkes, didn't especially enjoying work together on the last sequel - so it'll be interesting to see whether Bazz returns for a third bout.

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yeah i saw something about it in Yahoo Movies 2...

chack it out:

Release Date: Unknown; that will depend upon when filming eventually gets started.

Release Date Note: (6/28/03) Although there was a five-year gap between Men in Black (1997) and Men in Black II (2002) (mostly because of a lengthy negotiation process concerning salaries for the two stars), Sony is reportedly interested in getting this movie in theaters faster than five years this time around (which would be summer, 2007). The first two movies also both opened over the 4th of July weekend, so perhaps the target will be July, 2005 or July, 2006?

MPAA Rating Note: (6/28/03) Nothing's official until the MPAA sees the final cut, but Sony is almost certainly going to be aiming for a PG-13 like the first two movies received.

Distributor: Columbia Pictures (Sony)

Production Company: Amblin Entertainment (Indiana Jones 4, Jurassic Park IV), MacDonald Parkes (The Ring)

Cast: Will Smith (in talks) (Jay), Tommy Lee Jones (in talks) (Kay); other cast not yet announced.

Cast Notes: (6/28/03) Both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones have expressed interest and enthusiasm for returning for a third movie (indeed, they jointly pitched the story idea!), but neither are officially signed on yet (though it's extremely likely that if both actors don't sign on, there probably won't be a third movie).

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black, Men in Black II, Get Shorty, Big Trouble, Wild Wild West; next before this is a remake of Fun with Dick and Jane; preview coming soon)

Screenwriter: Not announced yet.

Based Upon: (6/28/03) This will be, of course, the third film in the series that was originally based upon the short-lived (and obscure at the time) 1990s Marvel comic book series, 'Men in Black.' Men in Black was released over the 4th of July weekend in 1997, and grossed $250.1 million in the U.S. (on a budget of $90 million), and five years later, Men in Black II also opened on the 4th holiday weekend, and grossed $190.4 million on a budget of $140 million. The challenge this time around will be to keep the budget low enough so that the film's success doesn't seem so pyrrhic. According to "Variety" (3/13/03), the story that Barry Sonnenfeld is currently developing is based upon a story idea that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones pitched to him jointly.

Premise: (6/28/03) Apparently, there is a story idea, which was pitched to Barry Sonnenfeld by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, but what exactly that idea entails hasn't been hinted at yet. What we do know is that this sci-fi comedy will follow the continuing adventures of Agent Jay (Smith) and Kay (Jones) as they keep Earth safe from the scum of the universe (ie, aliens looking to come here looking for trouble), in a version of Earth in which thousands of aliens live here on Earth disguised as regular human beings (and other local fauna and flora).

Filming: There is no production start date for this movie.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Eye Candy, Science Fiction, Sequel

Official Site of the Second Film: SonyPictures.com

Unofficial Preview Page: Men in Black Hype!

Status: In Development

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I would love for there to be another Men in Black movie. The second one was pretty bad,but the first was hilarious and there is so much potential for funny stuff! They know the last one dissappointed so they'd be extra careful to make sure they have a good script this time!

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This is 1 of the few movies that I would like to c the sequels 2. Now MIB 3 could be a really great movie. Just need a great screen writer n this can work. Now that is left is Bad Boys 3. :director: :kool:

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I would like to see a MIB 3 if the script is done right. I think MIB 3 should be a little darker in tone like the first one. The second one was OK but it tried to be funnier than MIB 1 and kind of failed. You should let the comedy come naturally.

If MIB 3 was like I, Robot in terms of direction and tone, then it would really be good.

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Well MIB 2 was suppose to be dark because it was to show how Agent J was letting the job get 2 him. It had some funny parts in it but it could have been better. Maybe with a good script it will be. Can't wait!

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I dont want this MIB was awesome.. MIB2 sucked.. the whole fun is the setup and theyve already done that and repeated it in the sequel..unless they got back the original screenwriter, who wrote a script 2wice as good as the original, and got a didfferent director./. Will say No!

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hmm, i'm not feeling this either, maybe if they had a great script but i'd like to see him step away from sequels, aliens, robots, the whole cgi thing...i'm really looking forward to pursuit of happiness, or something like enemy of the state where he's just a regular guy

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The article seems to imply that Will and Tommy Lee Jones seemed to team up to put forward the idea for a second sequel. We know that Will is creative, so the movie has a good chance of being good. I think this could be redemtion for MIIB. I personally had mixed feelings about MIIB. The plot was ridiculously contrived, but that didn't stop me from laughing at most of the jokes...

"Kay, why you put them rats in my locker man?"

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