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  1. ok..."No More" is clearly Wills most underrated song.....in my opinion its one of his all time best....what do yall think?????? and can any one hook me up with a url for it to use on my xanga site thx
  2. wow thanks man.........this site beats the hell outta that other one.....especially when it comes to news Big Willie=Big Things!!!!!!!!!
  3. i know this has nothing to do with the topic but i have to know this.....johny5: did u make that willywood thing cuase i want to know how to make banners like that...this also is for the other folks that make them big will banners....i found the perfrect pic to use....i apologize for the otc
  4. 1. Hitch 2. I robot 3. ID4 4. Ali 5. Its a tie between Enemy of the state and MIB
  5. Vivian: Is that health insurance person still in there with your uncle? will: yea Ashley: I hpe hes alright.......im worried about daddy Will: yo i heard him tell uncle phil that he got Dunlap syndrome Everybody at the table: Dunlap syndrome....whats that? Will: it means his belly done lapped over his belt (or something like that :lolsign: )
  6. ok......party starter is released on radio today........anyone got any news on the video?????
  7. Wow. I missed a lot in this thread. Actually, the song you are referring to is "Soul Man" by Sam & Dave. ← will you please post ur FPOBA playlist up
  8. what is the name of the song that will is dancing to in the car on the way to vegas to visit the University of Nevada while carlton is driving
  9. ive listened to wills music for years now and i have to be honest that i have never heard From Da South........could someone post it plz......
  10. Not that episode. ← I remember when the loud music was blasting, Geoffrey was saying "not unless he's down with OPP... you know me!" or something. Or was it another episode? ← it was another episode cuz on this one G says "i dont know if i should hide or do the running man!!" or somethin like that......and it was Das-They Want EFX
  11. if any of you have the concert dvd that came with the special edition of hitch then you know what im talkin bout......but i like his freestyle over the In Da Club beat by 50 Cent (even though i cant stand 50)
  12. yea i thought it was..........thats a good song
  13. correct! just a thougt on this, the barbeque line was from bad boys 2 but martin lawernce said it. when they destroyed all of those cars in the car chase. lol yeah martin lawrence says it in BB2 too! ← but will also said it in ID4
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